Wait, Did China Just Successfully Do a Head Transplant?

Any of you guys remember the movie, “Face/Off”? You know, the movie where Nicolas cage and John Travolta switched faces?

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(Yeah, that’s the movie)

Back when I watched this movie as a kid, I was already convinced that something like this is impossible.

Then, time and technology proved me wrong. We’ve come to witness cases of real face transplants (Google is your best friend for that).

And now, fresh from China, surgeons have claimed that human trials for a “head transplant” is imminent.

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If it’s true, this will truly be a medical marvel.

Surgeon Sergio Canavero, director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, announced that a team led by him and professor Ren Xiaoping from China had successfully performed a human head transplant on a corpse after an 18 hour long surgery procedure.

The group of surgeons managed to reconnect the spinal cord and blood vessels of the head and body.

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A report published in Surgical Neurology International reads:

“This first cadaveric rehearsal confirmed that a CSA is feasible and without compelling impediments to abandon the operation”

CSA is a abbreviation for Cephalosomatic anastomosis, which means head or body transplant.

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Can you believe it, guys? Something we once thought only possible in Sci-Fi movies might be coming true.

In a Facebook post last Friday (17 Nov), Professor Sergio Canavero mentioned that the first head transplant on living patient is “imminent”.

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According to the report, the next stage of the surgery involves a “full rehearsal on heart-beating brain-dead organ donors to replicate the actual operation in a live patient”.

This may be exciting news, but I do agree that we’ve got to take things one step at a time. After all, we wouldn’t want to get “AHEAD” of ourselves, right?

(I’m sorry, I’ll show myself out)

On a serious note though, let’s hope the surgical procedure goes well for all parties.

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