PM Lee Speaks About Easing of COVID-19 Measures; Says It’s Almost Like Pre-COVID-19 Period


With the announcement that COVID-19 safe management measures (SMMs) will be relaxed further, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t excited to finally get a sense of normalcy return to our lives.

And it seems like even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is just as excited as all of us are for next Tuesday.

In a Facebook post that PM Lee posted today (23 April), he documented his walk at Botanic Gardens during the recent Easter weekend, and also included photos of a yoga group that he saw.

“Last year, they were all masked up practising their yoga poses. Impressed by their dedication keeping up their exercise routine despite the pandemic!” he commented.

PM then brought up how the relaxation of COVID-19 SMMs has benefitted us, and what else we can expect to see in the upcoming days.

“With the easing of restrictions, it is a joy to breathe the fresh outdoor air again without a mask.

“We are cheered by the further easing of measures announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce yesterday. From next Tuesday, 26 April, there will be no more limits on group sizes or workplace capacities. Safe-distancing and check-in (at most venues) will no longer be required. The Dorscon level will step down from Orange to Yellow,” PM Lee wrote.

However, he also highlighted the importance of being responsible for our own health despite the relaxed measures.

“These changes will bring us almost all the way to how things were before COVID-19. I trust that everyone will remain socially responsible — wearing masks when indoors, self-isolating if you feel unwell, and watching out for one another,” he concluded.

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Relaxation of COVID-19 Safe Management Measures

Come 26 April, there will no longer be a limit on the number of people in social gatherings, and social distancing will also no longer be compulsory.


In addition to that, employees will also be allowed to remove their masks in their offices if they are not physically interacting with coworkers or customers.

Last but not least, the capacity limit for events and venues will be lifted completely.

You can watch this video to know more:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Lee Hsien Loong)