Pet Grooming Salon Apologises After Being Called Out for Handling Poodle Roughly


When you have a pet, you buy it stuff, bring it to vacations and treat it like a queen or king because it is now your world.

Like humans, these queens and kings need a haircut every now and then, that’s where you bring it to a grooming salon.

However, unlike humans, pets can’t scold the groomer if they pull on their tail or hit it with a comb – a situation this unfortunate dog faced.

Pet Groomers Called Out for Handling Poodle Roughly

On 24 Oct, videos of a brown poodle allegedly being mistreated during a grooming session at a pet grooming salon, The Fur Room, have been circulating online.

From the video, it seems like the groomers were allegedly treating the dog like a “toy”.

How did the Salon Allegedly Mistreat the Dog?

In the videos, the pet groomers seemed to have been

  • Combing the dog roughly with a metal comb
  • Hitting the dog with a metal comb
  • Handling the dog roughly
  • Pulling the dog by its head and tail roughly several times
  • Shaking the dog
  • Placing the dog too close to the edge, causing it to fall off the table.

The dog could be seen struggling and trying to break free every now and then. It could even be seen bending down as if it was in fear.

Handling a pet roughly and pulling on its tail will not only induce stress on the dog but may inflict serious injuries as well.

After the Facebook post containing the videos went viral, Animal Veterinary Services (AVS) has contacted the creator of the post and they are currently investigating the case.

The Pet Grooming Salon Apologised

The Fur Room took it to their social media channels to apologise for their treatment of the dog. They mentioned how the dog is a regular customer of their salon so they took its familiarity with them for granted. Thus, they were rougher with the dog.

Additionally, the salon said that the dog was more challenging to groom because of his hyper-activeness. That video happened during a session when the dog was simply not cooperating with them.

They also apologise for being inattentive towards the dog, leading it to fall off the table.

The Fur Room mentioned that this is unprofessional of them and this incident is one-off negligence. They have reached out to the owner to apologise.

The Fur Room is currently in touch with AVS and cooperating with their investigations.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Zoe Hannah)