Sunway Pyramid has Doll from Squid Game & Even Guards from the Game

These days, wherever you go, whether on the street or the interweb, you’re likely to find a reference to the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

Social media abounds with memes from the Korean thriller, and stray cats on the streets have been heard discussing fan theories they read on Reddit.

But what if you walked into a building and actually saw some characters from Squid Game?

I’m not talking about the actors playing the contestants, but the famous masked guards and that giant creepy doll that loves to sing.

Well, it seems that some residents in Malaysia won’t have to imagine what that’s like.

Sunway Pyramid has Doll from Squid Game & Even Guards from the Game

If you googled Sunway Pyramid, a mall in Selangor, Malaysia, you’d see the following picture on the right.

Here’s a closer look:

You must be shivering right now, with a certain song playing in your head – “Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida”. 

If you hadn’t visited Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook page recently, you’d assume that Squid Game was actually a documentary based on real-life events in Selangor.

But it seems that the mall had got the giant doll, as well as an entourage of masked guards, in their premises as part of a collaboration with Netflix.

Have a look:

Interestingly, the doll seems to have a twin at the mall who doesn’t look for people moving when they’re not supposed to, but records their temperature instead.

Now, that’s a doll I can get behind. 

According to Markerting Interactive, the guards, which are clad in those ominously red suits will give out an “invitation” to obtain rewards such as special deals and gifts at the mall to shoppers who are brave enough to approach them.

Image: Netflix via Mashable
Image: Netflix via Mashable

This includes a Squid Game corndog.

Image: Sunway Pyramid via Hype

The activation was done in collaboration with The Chariot Agency, C27, and Maker Lab and will reportedly run until 31 October.

Mall has Seen 10% Increase in Footfall Since the Appearance of Squid Game Characters

The move has certainly proved a hit with customers, as the mall has seen a nearly 10% increase in footfall since 14 Oct.

What’s more, the footfall around the activation area increased by 15%. And with inter-state travel now allowed, footfall is expected to increase further.

It’s a testament to just how many spines this Korean show has tingled all over the globe.

Pictures also showed shoppers playing some famous games from the show, including the one that involved way too much slapping.

Image: Netflix via Mashable

So, don’t be surprised if you head to a mall to get some bubble tea and a McSpicy only to find a giant animatronic doll staring you in the face.

“Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida”. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)