I Just Tried McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger & It’s Not as ‘Nasi Lemak’ as It Looks


Okay, honestly, I don’t know if you can use Nasi Lemak as an adjective, but please grant me a poetic licence for this because I really can’t find a suitable word for this.

So, the folks from Goody Feed decided to have McDonald’s Nasi Lemak burgers for lunch today, because why not?

And all I can say is that I feel Nasi Lemak.

The Nasi Lemak Burger

We didn’t have high expectations for the burger; after all, it seems like McDonald’s is trying a little too hard. Not that it’s bad—after all, Burger King tried it with their “chicken rice” burger, so that’s almost like a trend nowadays. And of course, we firmly believe that trying too hard is a lot better than not trying at all.

The Nasi Lemak Burger, at first bite, would remind you of Nasi Lemak—I didn’t why until my colleagues told me that it’s the sambal and the coconut-flavoured patty that is causing the illusion.

And on the second bite, it reminds me of…Subway. Yes, Subway, the “eat fresh” company, simply because of the cucumber slices that seemingly overshadow almost everything. Either that or I have something against cucumber.

The whole experience is like a having a McSpicy while your mouth convince your mind that it’s Nasi Lemak. Like, seriously.

You know what would have been even better? If there were ikan bilis and peanuts to complete the picture.

The sambal isn’t as spicy as I expected—it’s more on the sweet side, and isn’t overpowering enough. Maybe it’s just me, but a good nasi lemak needs just two things: great rice and “powderful” sambal. This burger doesn’t have any.

After the third bite (seriously, I was counting), it dawned on me that it’s just a souped up McSpicy. The novelty is gone, the memories are gone and all I wanted to do was to finish the burger ASAP.

Would I go for it again? Probably not for the burger…but for the fries and something else.

Criss-cut Fries

I’m the only person in the office who didn’t know that this isn’t new; in other words, it’s my first try, and I’m loving it.

Unlike the Minion potatoes that are just potatoes with a fancy shape, the crispiness of the criss-cut fries, together with the ultra sweet potato, is a marriage made in heaven. My only complaint is that the serving is too small – maybe it’s just that my appetite for it is large?

Chendol Ice-cream

To be more specific, it’s Chendol McFlurry, since we didn’t get the cone versions. My take is that it’s just another ice-cream, because every ice-cream is similar to me, but my colleague has high praises for it.


I quote him word for word: “The sweetness is perfect.” He did, however, mentioned that it didn’t have the taste of chendol. Knowing that chendol has lots of “tastes”, I ask for the specifics because my boss won’t be happy if I just write that it’s “chendol-less”, but here’s my colleague’s answer: “It’s just chendol-less.”

Damn you, Boon Hun.

Would he have it again? He would. I won’t, because ice-cream is really not my thing.

The Drinks


We’re all looking forward to the Bandung McFizz, aren’t we? It’s basically carbonated bandung, so the question is this: can carbon dioxide and bandung be BFF?

The answer is a resounding yes. I don’t know why anyone has not invented this before, but this drink is like the best drink I’ve drunk so far today, and I’ve had Coke today.

The Bandung McFizz is no doubt the perfect drink to wash down the burger, and I’m hoping that it stays in the menu forever.

Maybe I should Tweet to McDonald’s about this drink every day.


Like I’ve mentioned, yes, I’d go back to have a second meal, but not for the burger: I’ll take the fries and drinks, and maybe just make my way to Boon Lay for a plate of Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

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