Don’t Say Bojio: 8 Kiasu-est Deals Happening in Singapore This Week (19 to 25 March)

I‘m telling you, after going through this article, you’ll most likely be begging your boss for an advance pay, because these deals are, for the lack of a better word, best-est lah.

I mean, it’s not every week that there are warehouse sales and even a closing-down sale, right?

It must be a sign from the Deals God to have put them all together.

So here are the best deals curated for you – because we’re that kind (no lah, because we need the traffic lah).

Swensen’s 1 for 1 Sundaes

The person who’s responsible for marketing Swensen’s app is a genius. I mean, we’re all glued to the app for stuff like this:

Everyone in the office has the app not because we need to write about it, but because we’re always looking for the best deal.

While 1-for-1 Sundaes isn’t exactly the best-est deal (the 1-for-1 main course is!), it’s still good enough for a trip to Swensen’s this week.

Remember, you’ll have to download the app and flash it to the waiter (#likeaboss) to get the discount (or just save the image above and fake it). Forget about being low SES because it’s free ice-cream, yo!

Period: 19 March 2018 to 23 March 2018

Location: All Swensen’s outlets except Earle Swensen’s & Changi Airport T2

Marks & Spencer Closing Down Sale at Great World City (Up to 80% Off!)

Fan of Marks & Spencer? Then this is for you.

The outlet in Great World City is closing, and that means there would be up to 80% off in their products.

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80%. That’s a lot of discount.

So yeah, make your way there this week – there’s no indication on when it will close, but since it’s 10 days from 16 March, we believe it should end around 26 March.

But be there earlier because we’re pretty sure the good stuff will be gone by, say…tomorrow?

Period: Now to 26 March 2018 (or 27 March)

Location: Great World Centre Marks & Spencer

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Chic-a-Boo 10-pc chicken at $18.80

Last year, I told my colleague that Chic-a-Boo has the best fried chicken in Singapore. He disagreed, but after trying it out…he wrote this.

And now, he agreed.


So it’s no exaggeration when I say that Chic-a-Boo has the best fried chicken in Singapore ever…although the waiting time seriously need a lot of improvement.

But if all you want is cheap and good chicken, this would make you drool.

10-pc chicken for just $18.80? With a 1.5L Coke?


What’s scary isn’t the price, but a lack of indication on when this will end.

So all we can say is…good luck. Don’t throw cockroaches at Bukit Batok Crescent if you go to an outlet only to realize that the promotion is over.

Period: Now to don’t know when

Location: All Chic-A-Boo Outlets (Only takeaways)

Udders Ice-cream for just 50 cents

A wise man once said this: McDonald’s ice-cream is low SES and Udders ice-cream is high SES.


That’s because McDonald’s ice-cream is way more affordable than an Udders ice-cream.

But what if…a scoop of Udders ice-cream is at mere $0.50?

This breaks the laws of physics altogether, doesn’t it?

But anyways, here’s the promotion mechanics (based on what they’ve written):


Happy Weekend!! 

GrabPay and Udders will be coming together to bring you scoops of happiness at just 50 cents each. You’ve gotta GRAB this FAST! #GrabPayXUdders (While stocks last)


  • Promotion valid from 15 March to 12 April, or while stocks last 
  • Only 3 scoops can be redeemed per transaction 
  • Only applicable at Udders’ outlets 
  • Not applicable at Jack’s Place and Garden’s By The Bay
  • All purchases has to be done via GrabPay
  • Dine-In Only 
  • Price of $0.50 only applicable to classic flavours
  • Not applicable to all Star Wars inspired flavours 
  • Not applicable with other promotions

Simply put, pay with GrabPay and you get a high SES ice-cream with a low SES price.

Pretty nice if you’d ask me, but is it just me, or does everyone know that there are “Star Wars inspired flavours” in Udders?

I thought people are just fusing nasi lemak with everything, no?

Period: 16 March 2018 to 12 April 2018

Location: All Udders outlets except Jack’s Place and Garden By the Bay


Creative IT Show (Up to 60% Off)

The IT Show has just ended two days ago, but if you’re as creative as Creative, you’ll creatively come out with this creative promotion.


Yeah, so they created their own IT Show online, and extend it until God knows when.

It’s an online IT Show and despite them marketing it as “up to 60% off”, I do see products that go beyond 60% off.

Just check this out and enjoy IT Show at the comfort of your house.

Oh, they also have a message for you.


Very creative indeed.

Period: Now till don’t know when


Harvey Norman Massive Price Reduction

Well, let’s just read it from the horse’s mouth:


Harvey Norman is conducting a Massive Price Reduction on Electrical, Computers, Bedding and Furniture. We are unable to reveal any brand and model or advertise the drastically reduced prices due to the limitations stipulated in the trading terms with manufacturers…

…blah blah blah….

Stocks might be limited and may include display sets. Price reduction must end 23 March 2018.

Sold yet? No? Here, take a look.


Sold? Okay, then here’re the details: it will be in all Harvey Norman outlets and until 23 March 2018.

If you’ve just got a BTO, this is for you!

Period: 17 March 2018 to 23 March 2018

Location: All Harvey Norman outlets

S’pore Discovery Centre Area 51o Event at $12 (with value of up to $50!)

Now, before anything, here’s a disclaimer: S’pore Discovery Centre is our client, and we did a video for this event here:


But the decision to include this event in this list isn’t influenced by that job, but more towards the value in the event.

How much does it cost to watch a movie during the weekends? About $13.

But here’s the deal: for $12, you can to experience a real-life zombie attack (we’re serious, and it’s really fun considering we filmed a zombie video), game coupons in the event, entry to Singapore Discovery Centre and the Army Museum, a short 3D film and screening of Pacific Rim Uprising (can watch on other days if you want as well)!


Altogether, that cost more than $50, but you can get all these for $12, in which the zombie event (known as Area 51o) will be on 24 March 2018.


In fact, I would argue that the zombie event itself is worth every cent le #justsaying

The deal is seriously very wuhua. You can book your ticket here.

Period: 24 March 2018 (for the zombie event), 24 March to 30 June (for the other “freebies”)

Location: S’pore Discovery Centre

$7 Movie in GV

Now, what if you still prefer to watch in cinemas like GV? Or that S’pore Discovery Centre is just too far for you?

This would help.


For $7, you can watch a movie on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at these cinemas: GV Bishan, GV City Square, GV Katong and GV Tiong Babru.

This promotion runs from 19 March to 25 April, and is valid for GV Movie Club member, which you can register for free here.

For more info, click here.

Period: 19 March 2018 to 25 April 2018

Location: GV Bishan, GV City Square, GV Katong and GV Tiong Babru

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