Joanne Peh Dispels Myth That She’s Pregnant With New IG Post


I think celebrities sometimes underestimate the sheer amount of free time that some of us have.

The reason why rumours about their love life and squabbles constantly swirl around the internet is that we honestly have nothing better to do.

Reader: Hey, speak for yourself.

Weren’t you the one who started the rumour claiming Goody Feed employs only cats as writers?

Reader: Well, yes. What’s your point?

These days, a simple word or sentence can trigger a wave of excitement across the interweb, sometimes over something that doesn’t actually exist.

Just ask Joanne Peh.

Pregnancy Rumours

It all started with a rather seemingly innocent post on Peh’s Instagram account a week ago:


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A post shared by Joanne Peh (@joannepeh)

Peh shared a picture of her and with her stylist, hairstylist, and make-up artist. There was nothing odd in the picture itself, but what sent netizens into a frenzy was Peh’s choice of words for the caption that accompanied it:

“Hello, from the 5 of us.”

“…from the 5 of us”.

“…5 of us“.

Yes, even though there were only four people in the picture, Peh said there were five of them, which led some to believe that the fifth person was hiding inside Peh (i.e. she was pregnant).

Using the investigative skills they learned by watching Sherlock twice, netizens pointed to the laughing emoji which followed this very telling statement as a further indication of the bun in her oven:

Image: Instagram (joannepeh)

In our previous article on the rumour, my colleague joked that Peh must have misplaced her maths skills or counted the Mulan character that was depicted on her phone case.


It now seems that the latter was true.

Case Solved: Fifth Person Was Mulan

In a post published yesterday (18 Nov), Peh all but confirmed that the fifth person she was talking about was not a baby, but a fictional Disney character:


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A post shared by Joanne Peh (@joannepeh)

“Hello from the two of us, can u spot her now?,” she said cheekily.

“My daughter picked out this cover because she says, I look like and speak good Mandarin like Mulan. There was a period she wanted to hear the story of Mulan before bed every night. Thankfully, she moved on before I got bored of repeating it,” Peh said.


So, there you have it. Peh was talking about Mulan all along, and she’s not pregnant.

Reader: Unless she actually is pregnant and is planning to name the baby Mulan?

You really need to get out more often, dear reader.

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