Pregnant Lady Attempted To Shame Young Couple On Reserved Seats Online But Gets Burned Instead


Is the reserved seat truly for the needy, or is it one that should be given up only when asked for?

In this episode of Goody Feed Unsolved, we look at the latest incident that has lighted up the Internet:

A pregnant lady who attempted to online-shame a young couple on reserved seats, ended up being shamed instead.

But before we proceed, let’s watch a video.

Why to have a boyfriend like him..🤫

Posted by Must See Singapura News on Saturday, 21 October 2017

The video, which was posted on 22 October, has garnered well over 144K views and 1.3K shares. The incident was believed to have occurred on Saturday (Oct 21), at around 6pm between two stations on the Circle Line.

In the video, a voice (believed to belong to a pregnant lady who’s filming it) berates the boyfriend for not giving up a priority seat on the train to a person carrying a child.

Image: Must See Singapura News

“Pity this lady over here… look at the boyfriend, such a stupid boyfriend”, the lady could be heard saying.

Things seem simple so far: a young man had declined to give up his seat to the pregnant lady, and that had caused her to be enraged.

But is it really that simple?

Firstly, it’s unclear whether the pregnant lady had asked for the seat in the first place.


Secondly, there was apparently an eyewitness’ account.

Image: Must See Singapura News

The eyewitness was approached by Mothership, and reportedly told them that the man carrying the child, whose outline was highlighted earlier, appeared to be the pregnant lady’s husband.

Image: Imgflip

Majority of the Netizens stand against the pregnant lady as well.

Image: Must See Singapura News

Although there are pro-pregnant-woman supporters. But they are largely in the minority.

Image: Must See Singapura News


Honestly, there are a few things I have to know before I can conclude this case of Goodyfeed Unsolved.

Firstly, did they actually ask for the seat?

And secondly, was the child old enough to walk? From the footage, the child doesn’t seem incapable of standing.

The answers would solve everything, and until then we can only speculate.

However, I have to admit that I’m leaning towards the boyfriend’s side right now. Call it peer pressure, but I’m inclined to root for the couple, instead of the pregnant lady here.


What about you? Which camp do you stand for?

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