Prepare Your Umbrellas: It’s Going to be Very Wet in the First 2 Weeks of Oct


We are almost halfway through the final quarter of 2017, while the rest of the world (except Australia and New Zealand) is enjoying chilly autumn days before winter hits next month, we can expect gloomy skies and a deluge of rain.

Just today, I was caught in the rain on my morning commute. I keep telling myself I should bring an umbrella but I keep forgetting.


The Straits Times reported that the Meteorological Service Singapore expect thundery showers in the first two weeks of October ensued from inter-monsoon conditions.

There will also be low-level winds from the south-east or south-west.

Expect showers in the late morning and afternoon, and it might extend till the evening.

Those who jog after work, either head to the gym or make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. I recommend the latter.


Expect the usual temperature, between 24 degrees and 33 degrees. It could also reach up to 34 degrees on certain days and it could dip to about 22 degrees.


Basically, it is a mixture of hot and cold.

So, bring a jacket, cause offices tend to feel colder when it rains and a pair of shades if the sun decides to pop up and most importantly, bring an umbrella!


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