Strawberry Employee & Employer Quarrel Over SMS Because Employee AWOL From Work


The job market is tough, and just last month, I wrote about how fresh grads have unrealistic expectations in the workplace which you can read it here.

Every employee is as different as our fingers, including employers as well.

When you don’t seem to gel well in a company, you would probably resign after your first day or don’t even turn up as you might have found a better job.

It is a common phenomenon—even my friends have shared their experiences, and the stories ended up in two ways.

Either the employer doesn’t say anything (I mean, they have a company to run) or they wish you the best of luck.

Yesterday, Stomp published a story about a dispute between a potential employee and the employer.


The employee goes under the name of JY. She came across an opening for a café assistant online and she mentioned that the salary advertised was $1,800.


But during the interview, the hirer told that her pay will be $5 an hour for the first 80 hours of work and $9 an hour after that.

So if she gets paid $5 for the first 80 hours and $9 for the subsequent hours, she will get around $1,264.

But nevertheless, she decided to take up the job and was supposed to key in her preferred working shifts online—morning shift, midday shift and afternoon shift.

She indicated that she wanted to work three-morning shifts and two midday shifts from Monday to Friday.


She, however, did not get her choice. Instead, she was offered two morning-shifts in a week.

She decided not to take up the job

Well, she found another job as a cashier, so she texted her hirer to let him know.


By then, she was already added into the café’s employees WhatsApp group. She also asked the group whether anyone can cover her shift.

She got a reply but did not respond and decided to disappear.

She also left the group chat as she felt that it was “inappropriate” since she is no longer with the company.

Followed by private text from the hirer:


If you can’t read, here’s the super passive-aggressive (or maybe it’s just aggressive lah) conversation:

Hirer: Thanks for just leaving like that without confirming a replacement for your shifts. No wonder you’re already 37 and still drifting from job to job.

JY: Thanks god I’m decisive. Your every employee nightmare

Ok, it’s not about who was right or wrong.

The situation was handled poorly and as readers, you should learn from this.


After all, every experienced employer and employee should have encountered this before. Just ask any HR manager and they must just say, “Oh, another day in the office. Meh.”

What do you think? Employer being too passive aggressive or employee being too strawberry?

Or maybe you just want a tub of popcorn, because #commonlikesiao

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