8 Pri Schools & 10 Sec Schools Merging As S’poreans Aren’t Having Enough Babies

Yes, some of your precious primary and secondary schools will disappear by 2025…because we’re not making enough babies.

Here are the details of the upcoming mergers.

Why Merge the Schools?

In a statement on 6 April, the Ministry of Education stated that the mergers are due to falling birth rates and changing demographics in housing estates.

The mergers will help ensure that every school has enough students for a vibrant learning experience, and to bring a good range of educational programmes and co-curricular activities to students.

MOE added that they worked closely with all the merging schools in the naming and location of merged schools. Multiple factors were considered, including the history, heritage, and enrolment of the schools. They also sought opinions from stakeholders involved.

Long Histories of Schools Will Be Preserved

Some of the affected schools have long histories, starting all the way from before Singapore’s independence.

Tanglin Secondary School was established in October 1964, and was Singapore’s first Chinese-medium technical school. It was also the first to admit female students into technical courses.

Telok Kurau Primary School has had an even longer history, dating back to 1926 as Telok Kurau English School. Fun fact: former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was an alumnus of Telok Kurau.

If you’re worried that these histories would get lost in the merger, rest assured that wouldn’t happen. Merged schools will include the identities, strengths, and uniqueness of both schools.

For instance, there’ll be a dedicated heritage space in the merged school to document the history of both schools.

MOE will continue to work closely with the schools, ensuring a smooth transition for all students and staff.

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Which Schools are Merging?

Pioneer and Juying primary schools’ merger has already taken place at the beginning of 2022. It is now called Pioneer Primary School, but it’s located in the Juying school building.

The other six primary schools that are being merged will have one of the schools “absorbed” into the other, which means that they’ll use the other school’s name and campus.

For instance, Eunos Primary and Telok Kurau Primary will be merged. It’ll be called Telok Kurau Primary, and they’ll use Telok Kurau’s building.

Stamford Primary is getting absorbed into Farrer Park Primary, while Guangyang Primary is absorbed into Townsville Primary.

As for the secondary schools, Ping Yi Secondary is getting absorbed into Bedok Green Secondary, while Tanglin Secondary is absorbed into New Town Secondary.

However, Chua Chu Kang and Teck Whye Secondary’s merger will be a mix: they’ll be called Chua Chu Kang Secondary, but use Teck Whye’s building.

Similarly, Fajar Secondary and Greenridge Secondary will be merged and called Greenridge Secondary. They’ll use the Fajar building.

Last but not least, Fuchun and Woodlands Ring Secondary will merge and use the Woodlands Ring name, but operate in Fuchun’s building.

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