Police Conducting Manhunt for 2 Men Who Attacked Others With Bladed Weapons at Boon Lay


If you thought that Singapore’s blade phase is over… think again.

The police are currently conducting a manhunt for two men who injured other men with bladed weapons on 6 April.

Here’s what we know so far.

Video Shows Men Wielding Blades at Car Park, Injured 2 Other Men

In a Facebook video shared by Singapore Incidents, you can clearly see two men holding long blades and walking around the car park.

At the side, you can see a victim who seems to have blood running down his face, and another man attending to him.

One woman was heard shouting at the men, telling them to stop as she had already called the police. One of the men turned back and seemed to start arguing with onlookers, while the other man walked away.

However, towards the end of the video, the man suddenly turns back around and starts running, presumably towards someone. The arguing man tries to grab and stop his friend, and the video ends there.

Victims Taken to Hospital; Manhunt is Underway

The police said that they received a call for help at Block 175 Boon Lay Drive, at about 5:02pm on 6 April. Two men had injured another two men with weapons, and the victims were taken to the hospital conscious.

Preliminary investigations by the police reveal that the blade wielders and the two victims knew each other. A manhunt operation is currently ongoing to track down the blade-wielders.

“The police will not tolerate brazen acts of violence and blatant disregard of the law. We will spare no effort to apprehend offenders and deal with them in accordance with the law,” said the police.


They also remind the public that helping criminals hide is a serious offence, and is punishable with imprisonment and fines.

So if anyone is harbouring these two men in your home… It’s time to turn them in. 

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Series of Sharp-Object-Wielders in Recent Weeks

There was the chopper-wielder at Bendemeer Market and Food Centre, the sword-swinger along Buangkok Crescent, and the knife-wielder at Clementi Police Division.

Of course, there was also the knife-wielding man at Bendemeer who died from a gunshot.

This means there have been four major sharp-object-wielding incidents recently… and that isn’t counting the other incidents like razor-blade-slashing and throwing a knife at an officer’s cheek.

You can watch this video to know more about the other blade incidents:


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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Incidents)