Prices of Durians in S’pore Apparently Dropping Instead of Increasing Due to Better Weather Conditions

Durian lovers, rejoice.

With the durian season in Singapore beginning recently, there’s no doubt that durians have started to be snapped up left and right by Singaporeans across the island.

But if you’re worried about not getting your share, you don’t have to panic just yet.

Due to favourable weather conditions, durians imported from Johor and Pahang in Malaysia have been imported to Singapore earlier than expected, increasing the supply of durians available locally.

And what’s better? They’re cheaper, too.

According to 8world, a durian seller at Toa Payoh has lowered his prices for Mao Shan Wang durians by around $5 per kg compared to two weeks ago.

Currently, he sells the popular durian type for $20 to $24 per kg.

Based on feedback from customers in the area, the durians are of good quality for their price as well.

One customer also said that this is his second time buying durians from this stall.

According to the seller, stock from Johor arrived yesterday (13 June) afternoon while durians from Bentong, Pahang reached Singapore yesterday evening, ensuring a substantial supply for local consumers.

Huang Mingyi, the boss of 21 House of Durian also told 8world that the reduction in durian prices has been caused by the rise in durians being imported into Singapore right now.

He also expressed that the price of durians could fall even more depending on how many durians get imported into Singapore.

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At around 3pm yesterday (13 June), durians from Johor started reaching various stalls.

For one stall in Punggol, the stallholder told 8world that the current prices of durians are lower than expected.

According to him, this is largely due to the favourable weather conditions over in Malaysia.

He explained that the durian season usually starts after mid-June for Johor and in July for Pahang, but it appears to have been pushed forward this year.

Coupled with the lower demand for durians in Malaysia as of late, the local supply of durians has increased greatly, leading to a decrease in prices.

Despite the fall in prices, the stallholder claimed that the durians are still of good quality.

The stallholder also predicted that the durian season may last until August or even September this year.

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