Raymond Allegedly Kicked Out of ITE West Campus by Security While Dancing Halfway

While Uncle Raymond (aka every Singaporean’s favourite TikToker) might have caught the attention and hearts of most Singaporeans, it’s pretty obvious that his presence might have had the exact opposite effect this time around.

Just yesterday (13 June), Uncle Raymond (@raymondl88) posted a video of him with ITE College West students.

They were dancing to his iconic self-choreographed routine to a version of Hundred Years of Solitude by Hong Kong singer Faye Wong.

In the video, around 20-odd students danced together with Raymond in the ITE College West assembly hall.

Uncle Raymond also revealed in the video’s caption that he was invited to the institution for the session.

Stopped by Security When Dancing at Main Square

Despite his successful meet-and-greet session at the assembly hall, it seems like his attempt to record another TikTok with other students at the school’s main square was anything but that.

According to a TikTok video posted by TikTok user @sgvirallll, Uncle Raymond was dancing with three other students at the square before a male security officer soon stepped in.

Behind him, another female wearing a long-sleeved black shirt soon appeared as well, with both individuals apparently being staff members of the school.

Based on the man’s gestures, he was telling Raymond to stop recording and that he was not allowed to dance on campus.

The user who originally uploaded the video did not indicate whether this incident occurred before or after Raymond’s meet-and-greet, but captioned the video with “uncle raymond got kicked out”.

Raymond and Students’ Reactions

After being approached by security, Uncle Raymond immediately tried to explain himself to the security staff while walking over to retrieve his mobile phone that was attached to a tripod stand.

The three students who were standing behind him initially looked clueless, but soon walked over to Uncle Raymond and the security staff as well after turning around and raising thumbs-down signs.

After that, Uncle Raymond was seen folding up his tripod stand quickly while he continued to try and reason with the staff members in a non-confrontational manner.

In the background, students in the area who had witnessed the incident started booing and jeering at the staff for interrupting the filming of Uncle Raymond’s TikTok video.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Since the video was posted on TikTok, it has garnered over 316,300 views and 32,900 likes from TikTok users.

In the comments section, many expressed their unhappiness at Uncle Raymond being forced to stop filming even though he did not do anything wrong.

There were also TikTok users who praised Uncle Raymond for reacting to the unexpected situation in a professional manner.

“Did you see how uncle Raymond step up straight away to handle the guard when he sees him approaching? Damn this man deserve our respects,” one commenter even wrote.

On the other hand, there were also netizens who pointed out that the staff members were just trying to do their job.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@sgvirallll)