Stall Assistant from China Who Was Fired Overstayed in S’pore ‘Coz Her Demands Are Not Met


After Kwang Tzi Zhai Vegetarian Cuisine (观自斋) hired a problematic female employee, the owner bought a plane ticket to send her back to China, but who could have expected that the other party would refuse to get on the flight.

Since the female employee was overstaying, the owner could only lodge a report with the police.

Stall Assistant from China Who Was Fired Overstayed in S’pore ‘Coz Her Demands Are Not Met

The lady boss of Kwang Tzi Zhai Vegetarian Cuisine, which is located at 134 Geylang East Ave 1, is called Zhu Yunping (transliterated), though she is known as Sister Ping.

Ms Zhu said that she hired a 51-year-old from China through an intermediary this February.

However, the female employee by the surname of Hou would constantly make mistakes.

“When I was teaching her how to make vegetarian dumplings, she said she can’t learn it. She was careless when I was teaching her how to fry food; she even forgot to put water in the steamer once and nearly caused it to catch fire. There was an instance where she forgot to turn off the faucet and flooded the entire store’s floor.”

No offence, but how does one forget to put water inside a steamer? It is the main component that allows the appliance to work, come on.


When Ms Zhu spoke to the female employee about her concerns, Ms Hou responded with a rude attitude.

Left with no other recourse, she notified the intermediary Fu Fengshou to ask him to look for a new employer for Ms Hou.

Female Employee’s Conflict With The Intermediary

On 8 July, the female employee said that she was looking for another job, so she asked Ms Zhu to sign a document.

Due to her inability to speak English, she invited an intermediary to the store to examine the document’s details. While they were discussing at the coffee shop, the female employee suddenly pointed out that she hasn’t worked for the full six months, and yet she was being told to find another job.

As such, she demanded compensation from Ms Zhu, but the intermediary said there was no regulation or precedent for that.

Ms Zhu recounted, “The female employee recorded the audio with her phone. When she came into conflict with the intermediary, the entire event was recorded on the CCTV. Consequently, the coffee shop management refused to allow the female employee to continue staying at the store, so I could only fire her the next day.”

Paying For The Rent and Food

Nevertheless, Ms Zhu did everything she was supposed to do, until the very end.

She pointed out that she paid for the female employee’s rent, bought her a plane ticket, and took up the cost of her COVID-19 testing fees. In total, she spent around $1,200.

Although Ms Hou was no longer under her employ, Ms Zhu continued to pay for accommodation fees for the last two months and allowed her to dine at her store for free.

But Ms Hou did not want the free food; instead, she begged Ms Zhu to hire her back.

Ms Zhu refused.

However, what Ms Zhu did not anticipate was that on the day (6 Aug) the female employee was supposed to return to her country, she would fail to appear. Since she was overstaying her welcome, Ms Zhu decided to report it to the police.

In response to media enquiries, the police confirmed that they received the report.

The Issue With The Plane Ticket

Ms Hou claimed that she would only be willing to get on the plane once she receives the flight ticket that sends her back from Shenzhen to her hometown.


The intermediary, Mr Fu, stated that the female employee hails from Yantai City in the Shandong province. The original arrangement was for her to fly to Hong Kong first, finish her quarantine, travel to Shenzhen through the land route, then take a layover flight back to Yantai.

When asked why she refused to get on the flight, Ms Hou revealed to the reporters that she did not receive the flight ticket from Shenzhen to Yantai. Unless she sees the flight ticket, she’s not willing to go home.

In her opinion, the best route to take is from Singapore and straight into the mainland, like Shanghai, and then fly back to Yantai after the mandatory quarantine.

Ms Hou explained she is worried that once she reaches Hong Kong, an accident might happen. She does not know anyone there, so can’t seek help from her relatives or friends.

The female employee added that it was second time working in Singapore. She has been working here for nearly half a year, and she has given the $20,000 she saved up to the intermediary in China.

Hence, she doesn’t have a single cent to her name now. Initially, she wanted to remain in Singapore and find another job, but things have gone contrary to her wishes, so she does not want to work here anymore.


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Intermediary: Changes Her Words Frequently

Mr Fu clarified that he has already explained to Ms Hou that once she was done with quarantine, he would buy a plane ticket back to her hometown for her.

He also mentioned that Ms Hou would constantly change her word. She originally wanted a direct flight back to Yantai from Singapore, but now she’s saying that if she does not receive a flight ticket from Shenzhen to Yantai, she will not get on the plane.

The female employee has been giving a lot of reasons and justifications for her behaviour.

He confirmed that Ms Zhu previously paid for Ms Hou’s quarantine accommodations in Hong Kong and COVID-19 testing fees.

Due to Ms Hou’s reluctance to get on the plane, Ms Zhu spent $600 on the flight ticket for nothing.


Mr Fu noted that if her employer is unwilling to take up the cost again, Ms Hou will have to take up the financial burden on her own since it is her own fault.

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