Bloody Fight in Taman Jurong Coffeeshop Occurred Due to Alleged Molestation


It’s common to get into arguments due to seats in a coffeeshop, but to exchange blows in a coffeeshop…over an alleged molest case?

That isn’t common, but that happened on Friday (9 September) night at a Taman Jurong cofffeeshop.

Here’s what happened.

Bloody Fight in Taman Jurong Coffeeshop Occurred Due to Alleged Molestation

A video of a fight between two men and two women was posted on Facebook Page 新加坡华人华语网 ,Sg Chinese Community, and it went viral immediately, garnering over 50k in less than 20 hours.

It started with a man in a red T-shirt getting into a fight with a woman, which was then interrupted by a man in a black T-shirt, who appears to be on the woman’s side.

Then, for some reason, the video cut into another scene of four people in the fight, with the guy in red against the woman and man in black, and also another woman.

By then, the man in red had a bloodied face, and was seen smacking the face of a woman with his arm.

Soon after, the video, once again, cut to the future, whereby the police have arrived and everyone is now calm and composed.

The police have confirmed that they received a call at 9:36pm on 9 September, with the incident happening at 101 Yung Sheng Road.

Apparently, a 50-year-old man and a 45-year-old woman were arrested for affray, with the 50-year-old man also arrested for outrage of modesty.

The 50-year-old was also sent to the hospital, which means it could’ve been the man in red.

Investigations are ongoing.

And lest you’ve not watched the video…no, the background song of the video wasn’t the “BBQ le” song.

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Featured Image: Facebook (新加坡华人华语网 ,Sg Chinese Community)