Property & Insurance Agents Still Can’t Meet Clients or Conduct Viewings During Phase One

In case you missed it, Singapore’s highly likely to start re-opening again from 2 June.

There are three phases and the first one sounds exactly like CB.

More Workplaces Allowed To Open: 

Many manufacturing and production facilities, as well as services are allowed to resume operations come 2 June.

Image: MOH

Finance and Insurance, and professional services?!

Insurance agents and property agents:


After all, you got to remember: these folks don’t have a basic income. So if they’re not meeting clients or working, they get zero pay.

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Unfortunately, if you’re a property or insurance agent, I’ve got bad news for you:

Property & Insurance Agents Still Can’t Meet Clients or Conduct Viewings During Phase One

According to the GoBusiness website, insurance agents are still not allowed to meet their clients face-to-face, except when they’re legally required to be there to complete transactions.

In other words, no sales pitch for now.

For property agents, they’re not allowed to physically meet up with clients, nor are viewings allowed to take place physically.

Viewings can only take place electronically, so it might be good to invest in a good camera now.

Similar to insurance agents, property agents can meet up with clients if they’re legally required to be there to complete transactions.

Insurance agents must meet up with their client at the client’s office while property agents can only get their clients to come into the real estate office.

So when might things change?

Phase 1 is estimated to last about 4 weeks, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong reveals.

This is to accommodate two cycles of the incubation period (14 days) for Covid-19 before the authorities can think of “additional relaxation”.

Property Agents Conducting Viewings Illegally

On 15 May, it was reported that some property agents are still conducting physical viewings illegally.

TNP went to find out if property agents are heeding the advice of the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) to avoid or defer physical property viewing.

Three of eight property agents contacted by them recently agreed to facilitate physical viewings and did not advise that such viewings be deferred if they are not urgent.

All four homeowners contacted also agreed to open their homes for viewings.

It was estimated that more than 30% of property agents might be doing so.

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