Been Putting These 10 Foods in Your Fridge? You’ll Better Stop Now


Typically, Singaporeans always put every kind of food into the fridge since almost every household has a fridge. However, there are some kinds of food shouldn’t be left in the fridge, if not it’ll be completely different from how it used to be.

Have you been putting these in your fridge?

1. Coffee beans


When coffee beans are placed in the fridge, the beans will absorb the smells in the fridge and the beans will never go back to its original flavour. Also, with the change in temperature, moisture comes out from the beans and the beans lose its flavour!

2. Tomato

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The cold temperature changes the texture of the tomato and makes the tomato mealy. Thus, instead of crunchy tomato, you get a mushy one.

3. Onion


Onions will get very mouldy when stored in the fridge for too long. Even if the onions are already cut into small slices, the onion slices will still be dried up. 

4. Potato


When left in the fridge, the starch in the potato will break down under the cold temperature, turning it into sugar. At this stage, your potato will not taste good no matter what you do with it.

5. Banana

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The cold temperature will slow down the ripening process of the banana. Thus, your banana will remain green for a long period of time if you keep it in the fridge. However, if your banana is already ripe but you don’t want to eat it yet, then it is alright to leave it in the fridge.

6. Honey


The cold temperature will increase the speed of sugar crystallisation, turning the honey into dough-like form. This will make it difficult for you to scoop out your honey.

7. Garlic


When placed in the fridge, your garlic will turn mouldy and rubbery. Also, you will not be able to tell the difference until you chop it open when you are about to cook it.

8. Melon


Before your melon is cut open, do not place the melon inside the fridge as this will change the antioxidant level of the melon.

9. Avocado


Just like banana, placing the avocado in the fridge will stop the ripening process so your avocado will always be stone-hard.


10. Bread


The cold temperature will cause the bread to become stale even more quickly or it will become chewy and tough. Only place your bread in the fridge when they are in sandwich form.

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