S’porean Who’s Charged for Rape Claimed He ‘Accidentally Slipped’ into Victim Instead

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Why couldn’t you accidentally “slip” on a banana peel and fracture your tailbone instead?

On Tuesday (28 June), the High Court heard the start of a 19-day trial, pertaining one Yap Pow Foo, who has been charged with one count of rape and housebreaking each.

The accused is contesting the charges, claiming that he had consensual sex with the 39-year-old Chinese national.

What Happened That Night?

On 29 January 2017, the woman and five of her friends were playing mahjong and drinking alcohol to celebrate Chinese New Year at her apartment.

After having dinner, the group went to a karaoke lounge in Bugis, where the woman consumed more alcohol.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En’s findings, the woman was already drunk towards the end of the night.

At approximately 12:45am on 20 January 2017, Yap offered to drive them home, though they stopped at the victim’s condominium first.

The surveillance footage showed that the woman seemed to be unconscious as she had to be lifted home by two male friends. Meanwhile, Yap found his own way up to the unit.

Once they settled the woman back in her own home, they left, locking the door behind them.

The key was slipped underneath the door by one of the friends.

Then, at around 3am, surveillance footage revealed that Yap returned to the women’s house on his lonesome.

DPP Chong recounted the woman’s testimony, stating that she woke up to find a man on top of her.

She called those police at around 4:10am to report that she had been raped.

Evidence would prove her statement to be true, as Yap’s DNA was found on the samples taken from the woman’s body and her denim shorts.

A toxicology report also showed that the woman probably had 144mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood at the time of the incident, which indicates that her mental and physical capacity would have been significantly impaired.

In other words, Yap had broken into her home, then raped her while she was unconscious, only for her to come to her senses in the middle of the traumatising event.

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The Offender’s Defence

The court heard that Yap told a police officer that he undressed the woman, whose eyes were open at that time, laying down on the bed with her, and then accidentally slipped into her.

There are so many ways to refute this, but none of the answers are remotely PG13. Just—

That sounds like utter bull.

According to the officer’s statement that was read aloud in court, Yap then said that the woman said “don’t want”.

Yap also claimed that the woman had been hugging him at the karaoke lounge and “signalling” him for companionship.

Given how drunk she was, maybe she couldn’t stand upright.


Additionally, she was never verbal about wanting sexual gratification, and the only time she verbalised her thoughts was clearly in rejection of your advances. How on earth is this even “consensual”?

This is a prime example of victim-shaming though, what’s with the ‘she came onto me first’ phrasing.

 The offender went on to say that his victim had invited him to her home (ah, yes, while she was drunk and unconscious), and gave him her phone number and condo PIN.

Yap stated that he went to look for her to see if he had a chance to have sex with her.

If you had her condo PIN, why would you need to take the key that was slipped underneath the door to gain entry to her apartment?


If an individual is found guilty of rape, they may face a maximum jail term of 20 years, or fa fine, and caning.

For housebreaking, the offender may face up to five years in jail.

The trial is still ongoing. 

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