Ryan Tan Confessed He’s Gone ‘Broke’ & is ‘Barely Holding On’ After NOC Saga

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Lest you’ve forgotten, last year was packed with numerous sagas—so much so that we’ve done a video to pick the top three sagas based on data which you can watch here:

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One of them is the NOC saga—it caused such a stir in NOC that since the saga surfaced, NOC is no longer the same again.

Food King might kind of be back, but it’s very different; watch this to the end and you’d understand:

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Now, it turns out that the saga has also drained Ryan Tan’s finances.

Ryan Tan’s New Direction

Lest you’ve really been living under a rock, here’s a brief recap of the saga.

It turns out that the golden couple Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan didn’t have a happy marriage, and when they divorced, there was a fight for the company they built. What happened after that wasn’t clear, but as of today (27 June 2022), a check on ACRA shows that Ryan still owns 49% of NOC while Sylvia holds 51%.

Sylvia claimed in an earlier interview that NOC is going to focus on contents, but since the saga broke out, NOC has only published 12 full-length videos—a far cry from the 3 to 4 videos they used to publish every week.

Conversely, Ryan appears to do better: other than two new channels that he’s started, both of which gaining subscribers faster than NOC losing subscribers, he’s also the boss of a restaurant, and also dabbled in cryptocurrency.

On the surface, it looks like he’s doing well, but in a latest Instagram story, he said that he’s gone “completely broke”.

Ryan Tan Confessed He’s Gone ‘Broke’ & is ‘Barely Holding On’ After Leaving NOC

On 24 June, Ryan posted an Instagram story that doesn’t reflect the direction he’s going.

In it, he said that he “lost more than 90% of my money since I left my previous company haha barely holding on!”

Despite the tone, it seems serious…although one can definitely argue that losing $1.8 million means there are still $200,000 left, a big amount that we HDB dwellers will never have for our entire life.

He added, “Legal / starting new companies / having no income really took a hit to my income but freedom is priceless so I’m not super depressed haha”

Once again, it’s hard to interpret the true meaning of his stories.

But for context, his new company, Reno King, appears to be having a “brand new office”.

YouTube video

Responses to His Post

Asiaone first picked up the story, and Ryan then responded accordingly because he expected questions.


The first is of course his penthouse: a person wondered why he still lived in his penthouse when he’s “broke”, but Ryan claimed that selling the house “is worst at this climate”.

Now, please note that that is his opinion / response, and it might not be a true representation of the market.

Next would be how big his team is, which he answered twelve, whereby his money is used to pay salary.

As for his car, he claimed that it’s fully paid for, and he drives it less as he works and lives at home.

In another Story, he said that “selling the car won’t help much tbh as it’s already paid for.”

Which…erm, you can do your own research lah.


In the meantime, another person who has quit NOC, Aiken Chia, has also started his own channel and it’s growing fast.

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