34YO Man Sentenced to 24 Years’ Jail for Raping His FDW 4 Times in a Month


A 31-year-old man will be jailed for 24 years and caned 24 strokes, after facing 12 counts of rape, indecent assault and sexual assault.

He pleaded guilty to three counts, and the others were considered by the judge during the sentencing.

Raped Maid Four Times While Wife and Children Were Away

The 26-year-old victim is a foreign domestic worker from Indonesia, who was employed by the man’s wife on 10 January 2020. She was responsible for housework and lived in a flat with the couple and their three children.

The man was unemployed during the time of the case, and raped the maid four times between September and October 2020 when his family wasn’t home.

Even though she struggled and cried during the process, she did not manage to stop the assault. She didn’t tell anyone about the assaults afterwards because she was worried about causing trouble.

However, she couldn’t endure it anymore, and decided to escape and report the man to the police when nobody was home.

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Couldn’t Sleep In Fear Of Getting Assaulted At Night

The victim said that after she was raped for the first time, she became afraid to sleep every night, fearing that the man would assault her while she was asleep.

The trauma of being sexually assaulted still remains with her today, and she is afraid of male employers. Due to this trauma, she has changed three employers in just two years.

Additionally, when she told her family and ex-boyfriend about getting assaulted, she didn’t get the support she needed. Instead, they blamed her for it, and her ex-boyfriend broke up with her because of this.

Rape and sexual assault can be highly traumatic for victims, especially if the people around them partake in victim-blaming. The victims have done nothing wrong, and getting assaulted is never the victims’ fault. 

If you or someone you know have been a victim of sexual assault, you can contact the Sexual Assault Care Centre at AWARE, which provides victims of all genders with services to help them deal with their trauma. In addition to counselling and case management, they also provide legal information sessions, for any further steps victims may want to take against their attackers. 

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