First-Time Online Shopper Bought 32-Inch TV for $138 But Received Tissue Paper Instead


61-year-old Mr Shen’s TV broke, so he made his first venture on Lazada to buy a new one.

What seemed to be a Xiaomi 32-inch TV ended up being a small packet of Xiao Miss tissues… for a whopping price of $138.

Here’s what happened.

$138 for a Pack of Tissues

It was Mr Shen’s first time shopping online, and he was impressed with how cheap things are online. A brand-new 32-inch Xiaomi TV only cost $138, which he happily ordered and paid for.

Four days later, Lazada informed him that the TV has been delivered.

“I went home full of joy that day, thinking that I can finally watch TV at night.”

However, he only saw a tiny pink package waiting for him, which contained only one small pack of tissues. How did this happen?

It turns out that the listing posted a picture of Xiaomi’s logo, but the actual brand written on the listing was “Xiao Miss”. Unfortunately, as it was his first online shopping experience, Mr Shen didn’t spot this telltale sign of a scam.

Received Refund

He told Shin Min Daily News that he immediately contacted Lazada’s customer service to request for a refund.

“I have to wait for the seller to agree to return the item, evaluate whether it can be refunded, then go through the refund process… Each step could last three to five days, so it could take up to two months to get a refund,” said Mr Shen.

Inquiring at the police station, officers told him that he should wait for the platform’s refund. “But if I couldn’t get a refund, I can report the case.”

However, it seems like he didn’t have to wait two months, as he has received a refund on 14 November.

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Seller Suspended from Lazada

In response, Lazada said that they have a seven-day free return policy for non-LazMall sellers, and 15-day free return policy for LazMall sellers. They had investigated Mr Shen’s request for refund and completed the process within the time period.

Additionally, they have also suspended this seller from Lazada.

“Lazada detects fraudulent sellers, but we also encourage customers to check the price, product, and customer reviews before purchasing anything.”

Lazada also encourages customers to purchase products from LazMall’s brands and authorised resellers, to ensure that they don’t get scammed.


If the prices are unbelievably cheap for usually expensive items like TVs, they’re unbelievable for a reason. Don’t fall for such scams, and only buy from authorised sellers when it comes to expensive items.

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