The Reason Why We’ve Rubber Instead of Sand Playground is Just Too Strawberry


Last Updated on 2021-09-07 , 11:06 am

Have you ever wondered why our sand playgrounds seem to be disappearing from the face of Earth? I mean, take a quick look at your neighbourhood playground; I’m sure many of you can find a rubber coated playground in place instead.

Given how generations have evolved, our needs have changed drastically as well. How about with our strawberry generation?

Rubber Playgrounds

The purpose of a rubber playground is very simple: It provides more shock absorption and it cushions the impact of a child’s accidental fall. Also, it is considered more hygienic, which is understandable, really.

However, the problem comes in when almost all of our sand playgrounds have been replaced. This is more than just protecting our kids from accidents. This completely eliminates the chances of them experiencing any sort of setbacks while playing and exercising their creativity.

This brings in some concerns with a growing number of parents and early childhood educators. They believe that playgrounds should actually be a place where kids can learn to take risks. I mean, these are life skills that are important, such as overcoming the limits of their fear. Why not give our kids a space to learn risk taking with minimal supervision?

Strawberry Generation

Helicopter parents that constantly hover over their children, stifles their chances of learning in outdoors, especially in playgrounds. While we want to prevent any serious incidents from happening, we should not prevent them from taking risks. Look at our strawberry generation, aren’t we coddling them a bit too much?


HDB and NParks Are Looking to Introduce More Creative Plays for Playgrounds

But with many public and private playgrounds modelled on standard designs – including that rubber floor – are parents able to explore for more adventurous options? The answer, apparently, is yes.

Both the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and the National Parks Board (NParks) have in recent years upped the ante in playground design. While more creative plays have been introduced, safety will not be compromised. Best of both worlds!

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