Reckless & Angry Maserati Driver Arrested; Allegedly is a 49-YO Professor

Image: Screengrab from Ben Chia Lor Facebook Video

Luxury car drivers in Singapore have a bad rep. Not because all of them are a**holes. Just some of them.

Like the Ferrari lady.

Or the Mercs guy.

Now, here’s another guy has joined the ranks of drivers who should not have passed their driving tests.

Black Maserati Playing Daytona With Lorry

On 7 September, Facebook page Ben Chia Lor – Singapore Roads uploaded a video of an incident in Singapore.

It shows a black Maserati speeding on a two-lane road, trying to overtake a lorry. In an epic way.

Like a car chase scene out of a Hollywood movie, the black Maserati failed to squeeze past the lorry and turned away at the last moment.

It mounted the road divider and ended up speeding against the traffic.

(Not sure about you, but if it were my car, I’d go apeshit and wonder how much it’ll cost to do a wheels alignment…you do know that you need to check the wheels alignment after getting that immediate failure thingy, right?)

But anyways, later, it cut into the lorry’s lane and stopped.

Like I said, car chase like a scene from Mission: Impossible.

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The incident reportedly happened at Lorong Chuan at around 1 pm.

Wasn’t His First Time

As it turned out, two years ago, there was a video of the same Maserati driving aggressively on Singapore roads as well.

According to the video, the Maserati driver honked at the motorcycle from behind, then overtook him while cutting dangerously close to his lane.

Also, there was another video that showed him tailgating a car before switching to a merging lane.


In a bad way.

But He Has Been Stopped (For Now)

The police confirmed that they were alerted to this case and added that a 49-year-old man was arrested on 12 Sep.

But there’s more.

True to netizens’ form, the online detectives got together and started their CSI.

They managed to find what was allegedly the driver’s Facebook Page.

And pictures of the same black Maserati involved in the incident.

The Facebook page was already taken down by the time of writing.

But like what we always like to say, The internet doesn’t like to forgive, and it definitely won’t forget.

What goes onto the net, stays on the net. #Fact.

So you can probably still find it floating around if you look hard enough.

Driver Allegedly an NUS Geography Professor

To afford a car like the Maserati, you’d either need to be working in a high position or have rich parents.

Or you must be a boss. But wait, my boss doesn’t drive a Maserati. Maybe he spent all the money on food since he’s fat like that, but anyways. did some detective work on their own and found that the driver might be from NUS.

A professor from the Department of Geography from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, to be exact.

It was found that the information from the professor’s public profile on NUS’s website coincidentally matched the age of the man arrested by the police.

However, when they approached NUS for answers, they were told that “as this is a traffic incident, it would be best to refer to the Police for the details.”

The Police refused to comment as the investigations into the case is ongoing.

But one thing I’ve got to add, though. Still a better video than Fave Asia’s.


Wait, you’ve forgotten about that, you goldfish?