Man Refused to Pay for Food He Ordered in PLQ Mall ‘Coz He Claimed Duck Wasn’t Irish Duck


It’s one thing to know where your food comes from, and it’s another to be in constant denial when people working at the restaurant tell you about the ingredients used.

Well, one man in Singapore definitely belongs to the second group after an incident that took place yesterday (23 March).

If you’re a fan of duck rice, you’ve probably heard of Tung Lok.

And maybe you’ve seen this post:


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In the post, Tung Lok Group detailed an encounter they had with a peculiar customer at their Duckland outlet at PLQ Mall, who ordered half a Roast Irish Duck when he went into the restaurant alone.

Also, FYI, Duckland is a “specialty restaurant serving ducks shipped direct from Ireland” as mentioned by Tung Lok. All their ducks are “prepared using Irish ducks from Ireland’s Silver Hill Farm”.

Sounds normal enough, no?

You can see what happened next here.


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When he was served with his food, the man “took a quick look at it” before asking for the service staff. He then told the staff that what he was served was not an Irish Duck.

I don’t know man, maybe the duck talked to him in an American accent. Maybe that’s what gave it away.

Even though the service staff confirmed that it was an Irish Duck, the man was still not appeased and took his case to the manager.

After the manager told him the same thing, he decided to leave the restaurant a few minutes later without paying for his meal.

Just FYI, half an Irish Roasted Duck costs $35 at the restaurant.

The company also emphasised that the “restaurant staff remained patient and professional throughout the entire unfortunate incident.”

The Aftermath

After the incident, the staff had no choice but to throw the uneaten half-duck away. The caption also revealed the company’s annoyance at the food waste that occurred.

“We are irked that half a duck has gone to waste, and consider this an outright sabotage,” they remarked.


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They also explained that they were making their experience public “as a warning to fellow restaurants and business owners to keep a lookout for this person.”

The caption then ended with the company noting that they will be making a police report due to the fact that the man left the restaurant premises without paying for his food.

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