Remember This Fashion? It Could Have Been Closed Down by Its Own China Supplier

Do you remember this shop? I’m pretty sure you do. Back in their hey day, they were everywhere. But one day, it started closing down stores until eventually, it disappeared.

Unfortunately, while they’ve made a pretty huge impact on our lives before H&M and Uniqlo, their death was pretty quiet as far as things go.

Debt Issues

Back in 2008, the fashion retailer made the headlines for a fallout between the bosses of This Fashion and its China supplier, A-Go Fashion Trading. They were known to be good friends but in a surprising move, China clothes supplier A-Go sued This Fashion for $247,000 successfully.

A-Go claimed that they have delivered clothes to This Fashion from 1991 to 2003. However, it was noticed by early 2003 that This Fashion is unable to make payments.

While the retailer had promised to pay the invoices within 3 years, it was paying out an insubstantial amount of $1,000 to $3,000 monthly.

A-Go Fashion Trading proceeded to pursue winding down action when the $247,000 was not paid as ordered by the court.

This Fashion’s Side Of The Story

Meanwhile, This Fashion made an appeal against the judgement stating that A-Go Fashion Trading has violated a series of oral contracts including marking up the prices and supply clothes made in more than one China factory to This Fashion.

It also claimed that A-Go Trading Fashion suddenly cut off the supply of clothes, causing the retail chain to make a loss of S$2.5 million.

The two companies decided to on a settlement instead of fighting it out in court.

And if you thought that’s all there is to the story, think again.

Winding Up Action in 2011

Fast forward a few years and you see the same situation happening again. The fashion chain winded up in debt again, this time S$170,000.

Jacky Fashion Designer, a women’s apparel manufacturer in Guangdong went to the Singapore High Court to get This Fashion wound up.

Deng Xiaomei of Jacky Fashion Designer claimed that This Fashion did not turn up to contest the claim for the debt she made in the Subordinate Court in 2010.

If successful, the company will be closed down for good.

Death of “This Fashion” Still a Mystery

Unfortunately, that was the last we could dig out of the internet. We had no idea if the second attempt to close down the fashion chain was successful, although it seems like the case.

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But one thing for sure, This Fashion was once the largest fashion retailer in Singapore with more than 60 outlets and over 350 employees.

And it’s abrupt disappearance almost overnight back in 2011 has stumped many Singaporeans.


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