Remember the Local 90s Drama Silver? You Can Watch it Online Now


If you’ve once lived in the 90s, you’ll know about a thing called “television”: it’s that square monitor in your living room.

Once you press a button, you’ll see footages on the screen, but you can’t skip or choose what you want to watch: an entity known as SBC TCS MediaCorp made the decision for you.

And in the past, there weren’t many good English dramas—other than the highly acclaimed and insanely popular VR Man that lasted for one whole season, the only dramas we watched were Channel 8 drama.

But hey, no—if you go back even further in time, you’ll remember a Channel 5 drama, Shiver, and it’s a show that’s sure to make you shiver.

Think of it as a dramatized version of Incredible Tales, with better plots (since it’s not based on real events), better actors and less scary.

If I haven’t piqued your interest yet, it’s okay: you most likely have no idea what Shiver is all about. But for people who have once watched it, and enjoyed it, here’s the good news: it’s apparently legal to watch it in full online.

Lest you’ve only lived in the YouTube era, or still think that MediaCorp still operates MOBTV, here’s the thing: no, my friend. Mainstream media are moving to new media, and that means free TV.

You can now watch the full episodes of Shiver in Toggle TV—think of it like a YouTube for MediaCorp.

Here’s the link for all episodes of Shiver—and trust me, you won’t regret it. Just ask any 90s kid.

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