Remember the Uber vs LTA Officer Fight? The Uber “Victim” is Jailed


Do you remember the Uber vs LTA Officer fight that took place at Bugis last year in November? Well, the verdict is out, and the Uber driver is facing more jail time than the ex-LTA officer.

A Recap if You’ve Forgotten about the Incident

It started when (then) LTA officer Tan Hock Guan restricted an Uber driver, Goh Kok Ling from picking up a passenger at the taxi stand.

They had an argument and then a physical fight, with the LTA officer throwing the first punch.

The LTA officer was fired from his job and arrested by the police. The Uber driver was then interviewed by media and told the reporters about how he had being attacked, his injuries and whatnot.

LTA has then rendered assistance to the Uber driver and apologised for the incident.

Then, a Witness Came Forward to Give His Side of the Story

Remember the guy who stopped the fight? He came forward to give the entire case a new twist. The Uber driver is playing the victim.

The Uber driver tried to enter the taxi lane but was stopped by the LTA officer. The Uber driver then winded down his window and shouted at the officer. After a heated quarrel, the officer turned away and went back to doing his work.


The Uber driver then got off his car and wiped his number plate (maybe to imply something…like a challenge?) and called the officer to summon him. The officer ignored him but the Uber driver got angry instead—and that was when the fight started.

The Aftermath


Ex-LTA officer Tan pleaded guilty to all charges, served his one-day jail term and paid S$2,000 in fine this year.

Goh was initially given the same sentence as Tan (1-day jail, S$2,000 fine) but was sentenced to an additional two weeks jail time because he did not pay the fine.


Goh could have been sentenced up to 1-year jail term, a fine of $5,000, or both for each charge.

During his mitigation process, his lawyer stated that he suffered more injuries in the incident and had to pay almost $20,000 in medical fees.

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