A Simple Hack on How to Remove Ants From a Laptop


Last Updated on 2021-06-12 , 2:53 pm

Ever came home to find your laptop full of ants, and wonder how to remove those ants from your laptop?

Or you might detect a few ants crawling in and out of your laptop several times and you start to wonder if there is an ant nest inside the laptop or beneath your keyboards, or that ants are attracted to those sweet nothings you’ve written for your bae in your laptop?

The answer is yes: ants do live in your laptop and we are never sure why (though eating while using the laptop is usually the main cause lah).

This has been a common problem that we are all too ashamed to voice out, at least until we finally came across a brilliant and simple hack to remove ants from your laptop.

It is known that these pesky ants dislike water so water is an effective way to rid these ants once and for all. Of course, do not attempt to wash your laptop with water. Water is used as a trap for these ants and not used to drown the ants.

The main purpose is to get them to shift their base and relocate. Follow the guide below for an in-depth elaboration of the video or you can create your own similar setup but be warned to be extra careful when dealing with water near electricity sockets or your laptop.

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A Simple Hack on How to Remove Ants From a Laptop

Use a steady platform (container) as your base for filling it with water. It can be round or rectangular but try not to find anything with too much height as an accidental knock may lead to the drowning of your laptop instead.

Fill the entire container with water. This is to get the ants to realize that they have no other options for escape.

Place your laptop above the container of water and a fork or similar object at another end of your laptop. It will be the escape route for the ants to leave your laptop so keep in mind not to place the other end of the fork on objects you don’t want ants near.

Leave the setup overnight, as ants are more active at night. Don’t expect ants to evacuate from your laptop immediately. It will take at least a few hours.


When they realised they’ve an escape route, they’d seize it immediately, leaving your laptop ant-free.

Neat, isn’t it?

Watch this video and you’ll understand the idea better:

Feel free to try this simple hack out and you can do it as often as you like to prevent ants from invading your laptop!

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