Resident Pasted Hilarious Note to People Smoking & Spitting in Bedok HDB Stairways

I’m personally not a smoker.

However, as long as you’re doing it legally, I don’t think anyone really bothers too much about people who do.

Unless you’re one of those that do it along lifts and corridors.

This, dear readers, is illegal and can get you some pretty heft fines in Singapore.

But sometimes these inconsiderate people just don’t stop their nonsense.

Sometimes, you simply have to call them out on their crap.


Enough is Enough

Even worse if it’s an HDB flat, where the lift and staircases are so close to the units.

According to Must Share News, a group had been smoking at a stairwell in a block at Bedok.

Naturally, some of the residents were kind of pissed off.

In hilarious retaliation, one of them took to writing a note and pasting it on the wall for all to see.

Image: Reddit Singapore

In case you can’t see it, I’ll give you a quick rundown:

The note calls out the smokers for loitering, smoking, littering, and spitting at the staircase.

The writer was also so angry he even insulted them, calling them ‘kambing’, which apparently means goat.

Yes, we’ve come full circle of using animals as insults that we have now ‘ascended’ to ‘goat’.

The end of the initial part states that the resident will watch them closely and won’t hesitate to report them to authorities next time.

Getting some Singaporean Batman vibes here.

Image: Giphy

Hilarious House Follow-Ups

At some point in time, it is implied that the resident found a key lying in the area.

This can be seen when the group writes a reply back on the note.

The writing is a little bit hard to see, but it roughly makes out as, “where is my house key samdol?”

Firstly, the resident’s reply was just as fantastic, telling them that it was left back where they were sitting.

Secondly, what the heck is a samdol?


Replies in the Reddit thread were generally confused as well. One guy hilariously suggested that it was a mixture of sambal and chendol.

Image: Reddit Singapore

I went to do a little research myself too.

Apparently in Korean, calling someone a samdol means either calling them a bumpkin or a ‘primitive’ person.

If this was the case, I’m assuming it would be the latter reason cause it makes slightly more sense.

But this is only speculation after all.


Just remember to check where you smoke, since you can get fined $200 dollars for doing it at prohibited places and $1000 if convicted in court.

And if you’re underage, don’t even try or you can say bye to $300 as well.

You may not be so lucky to have an HDB Batman, cause the law might be faster.

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