JB Restaurant Owner Fired 3 Workers in 3 Months Due to “Gen-Z Attitude”

Different generations tend to be stereotyped for having a particular set of behaviours.

This JB restaurant owner fired three workers in three months.

The reason? Their “Gen-Z attitude”.

Fired due to “Gen-Z Attitude”

In a Facebook post on 5 February, the owner of MR BOGER explained why he had fired three of his workers.

He listed a few common traits shared between these employees.

Firstly, they would go to the toilet for 20 minutes even though they had not eaten anything.

Secondly, they frequently took leave without informing him.

Thirdly, they tended to leave work early and come late to their shift to get “more rest”.

The owner, who is only 20 years old, explained that he wanted to employ workers around his age as he thought it would improve the communication barrier between him and his employees.

In addition, he offered these roles to people who did not manage to complete their education as he felt sympathetic towards their situation.

As someone from a similar background, the owner initially thought his employees would be responsible for their own lives.

However, he felt that his employees were not taking the opportunity seriously.

Speaking to his past employees, the owner wrote in Mandarin, “I hope that you will not regret your behaviour in a few years and that you will find a better boss than me, a boss who allows employees to go to the bathroom for an hour and to take unlimited leave.”

Netizen Response

The Facebook post blew up and currently stands at 5,000 likes and 1,700 comments.

People are pretty on the fence about the owner’s thoughts.

On the one hand, some comments empathised with the owner’s plight and gave him advice.

Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)
Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)
Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)

On the other hand, some netizens pointed out that the owner is only 20 years old and inexperienced.

They suggested that the owner was ignorant and should have thoroughly screened the employees during the interview stage.

Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)

Furthermore, others pointed out that every generation has people like the ones the owner critiqued, calling him out for generalising a whole generation.

Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)

Reflection Post

With the onslaught of comments, the owner of MR BORGER posted a reflection post the next day.

According to him, his original post was written to segway into a recruitment post.

Addressing those who did not share the same opinion as him, he clarified that everything he shared was simply his own experience. 

He also asked those with differing views not to share their opinions with him but to write their own post.

He wrote, “I’ll see it when it goes viral.”

Referencing the comments that called the owner out for the low pay, he defended himself with the fact that the employees had agreed on the salary during the interview stage.

Furthermore, he explained that he was still new to the industry and was thus reluctant to offer higher pay.

He promised to improve himself and offered higher pay on his new job listing

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Are Gen-Z Stereotypes True?

Gen-Zs are those born from 1997 to 2012.

Something characteristic of this generation is the fact that they grew up with the internet.

Of course, like any generation, there are some stereotypes.

For one, Gen-Zs are stereotyped to jump from job to job.

A few days ago, Bloomberg reported that four in five Gen-Z workers want to switch jobs in 2023.

Other stereotypes include the inability to look away from their phones and the ability to multitask.

While these traits are true in some people, they cannot speak for the generation as a whole, as netizens have suggested.

Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)

According to TODAY, experts say these attitudes are probably just a reflection of modern society’s desire for a work-life balance. 

Furthermore, their attitudes may be helpful in the modern-day workplace as their ability to multitask can make work more efficient. 

As MR BORGER’s owner is from Gen-Z as well, netizens have advised him to continue learning, gaining experience and to understand that some employees are not destined to stay employees for long.

Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)

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Featured Image: Facebook (@MR BORGER)