Restaurants ‘Test System’ by Selling Alcohol in Teapot & Plastic Cups after Midnight


With the ever increasing competition among cafes, eateries and restaurants, one has no choice but to sell alcohol the illegal way.

According to a lady boss from one of the 2 restaurants in Chinatown (who was questioned by Shin Min Daily news on 2 January), this is what she has to say:

“Competition among the Chinese restaurants here is quite stiff, and there are at least four on this street alone. 

“Business has not been brisk, so we have to do that.”

What happened?

As the Chinese saying goes, “纸是包不了火的”. When loosely translated, it means that it’s impossible to keep a secret forever.

The news came to light when a reader tipped off Shin Min Daily News, informing them of several restaurants (who did not have permits) selling alcohol after midnight.

According to Ms. Xiao Yan, 44, she came across this from a friend’s online post about buying alcohol in a teapot during supper in a restaurant.


“I feel that the restaurant did not have any regard for the regulations, and I was worried that it would disrupt the peace in the area,” she said.

Undercover escapade

To find out the details, Shin Min Daily news reporters thus went on an undercover adventure and visited 2 restaurants at night.


The 1st restaurant

Upon reaching, the news reporters tried ordering alcohol but were rejected by the stall assistant. Their reasoning was that “时间太迟” (it was too late). But after persistently asking for it, they succeeded in geting beer.

The assistant then revealed that they had to pour it into red plastic cups to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

The 2nd restaurant

Thereafter, the reporters moved to the second restaurant and this time round, also asking for alcohol.

Similar to the first instance, the stall assistant turned down their request but after much persistence from her ‘customers’, the assistant then told them that beer could be poured into teapot as a disguise.

Here’s what the law says

Under the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act which was passed in Parliament in January 2015 and came into force on April Fools’ Day that same year, it aims to minimize public disorder arising from drinking in public.

2 things to note. Firstly, you can’t drink in all public places (HDB void decks, parks, or beaches etc.) and secondly, retail shops are not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol from 10.30pm to 7am.

Stricter rules for Geylang & Little India

Stricter rules apply for Geylang and Little India because they are designated as Liquor Control Zones. The law believes that these are places with a higher risk of public disorder associated with excessive drinking.

To be more exact, public drinking is banned in Geylang and Little India from 7am on Saturdays to 7am on Mondays. The ban also applies from 7pm on the eve of a public holiday to 7am after the holiday.

So much to take in, but this kind of important information, cannot siam one. To put things into context using National Day (9 August), you cannot drink from 7pm on 8 August to 7am on 10 August. Clear enough?


Shops within the zones are also not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol from 7pm on weekends, the eve of a public holiday and the holiday itself.


Yeah, information overload… same for me. Anyway, just remember not to get into trouble with the law because your money will fly away.

Drinking illegally can be fined up to $1,000 and repeat offenders may be fined up to $2,000 and jailed for up to 3 months. As for retail shops, selling alcohol after the permitted hours could be fined up to $10,000.

So it’s better to be a law-abiding citizen, unless you have too much cash to spare.

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