Taxi Driver Lists Down Rules in Taxi: Yay or Nay?

When you board a cab, I am pretty sure you are aware of the basic rules such as no eating, no durians and no smoking (though this one is pretty obvious).

And those rules are placed at the side of the doors or at inconspicuous places which gives more reasons for passengers to break the rules.

What will you do if you come across a set of rules that is right in your face?

Something like this:


Well, this is a legit rule board in a taxi.

What happened

According to Stomp, a passenger boarded a taxi and to her surprise, she was faced with a set of rules which was placed betwixt the two front seats.


If you can’t see the rules (these are the original words):

  • No eating is allowed inside the vehicle including all kind of sweet candy chip biscuits and other
  • Only mineral water or other without contain of sugar
  • Do not touch anything

The passenger was appalled and told her husband about this “insane” cab.

The husband then took it to social media.


He mentioned that there are more rules in the cab than laws in Singapore.

He added that while he respected the no-eating rule, “the protective film, crap board with lousy English is bullshit.”

They did not mention which company does the cab belong to, but Netizens had plenty to say.

What did the Netizens say?

Almost all of the comment were siding with the cab driver.


I mean it is his car after all and as long as it doesn’t threaten our lives, it’s fine by me.

But I also like the fact that the set of rules is blocking the centre console because sometimes drivers tend to leave cash and belongings there which could be stolen by less than honest passengers.

Yes, it happens. TODAY reported on such a case, a few months back.

The passenger was caught by the in-car camera as he leaned forward and stole the driver’s wallet.

As slm guys pls viral kan dis vid melayu rob melayu. Dia drop off at woodland. pada yg buat grab n uber hati2 nan nie haramjadah

Posted by Firdaus Nur on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Recently, New York Post also reported a similar case where a woman daringly stole money from the driver’s tips jar which was located in the centre console.

So with that in mind, I have no qualms when taxi drivers are simply protecting themselves.

But with that said, if he was an Uber driver, I wonder what his rating score would be.

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