Review of Burger King’s Cheesy BBQ Chicken Burger with Turkey Bacon: Gotta Try Once But That’s It


For those of you with an unhealthy penchant for cheese like me, look no further because Burger King has our backs.

I present to you the classic Cheesy BBQ Chicken Burger with Turkey Bacon.

Wait – aren’t we all supposed to review new food? You know, like influencers? Reviewing this is like reviewing an old McDonald’s burger (wait for it: we’re working on that): it’s low-SES, and it doesn’t make other people envy our lifestyle?

Here’s the truth: miscommunication. Person A told Person B there’s new burger, Person C go buy and think is new burger, and here I am faced with a burger that I thought is new: until Person A realises it’s an old burger.

But given that all our lunch money is spent on this burger, we decide to continue with the review. #lifeofworkinginapoorcompany

So, moving on.

Look at that gooey cheese. Beautiful.

Now, for those of you feeling slightly betrayed that there is a severe lack of cheese (despite its gooeyness) for a burger that supposedly markets itself on its ‘cheesiness’, you’re not wrong and you’re not blind.

Make no mistake, that is a single slice of cheese right there.

And believe me, I did check under there for signs of more cheese, but this thing only has a single slice. Which makes me terribly sad.

Sure, I could ask for more cheese on that, but I don’t count myself high SES enough for that.

Nevertheless, cheese is not the only factor that makes a burger great, I understand that, so let’s focus on what this burger actually contains.


Taking a peek under its sesame-filled hood reveals a mishmash of generous fried onions and turkey bacon, along with its main ingredient: BBQ Chicken.

I have to say; the BBQ Chicken reminds me a lot of McDonald’s patty in its Big Breakfast set. Looks wise at least.

Taking a bite, my taste buds are greeted with a salty and sharp yet savoury taste that draws you in the more bites you take.


As suspected, the cheese played only a small part in the experience but the taste of the overall ingredients gel quite well together. The whole burger really reminds me of MccDonald’s Gourmet series, along with the overall presentation.

To me (and my colleague that had it) the fried onions basically tasted and felt similar to the fried shallots that hawker centres like to use in soups. This was definitely not the western style fried onion that I was expecting, and rather more of an Asian way of preparing onion. Not to say it’s bad though, since it works surprisingly well.

Image: AsiaOne

Now, for the chicken.

On one hand, it does have a BBQ-ish taste to it, yet on the other the chicken itself is rather dry, and that is about the only quarrel I have with the burger.

For those looking to consume this though, do note that the burger is quite filling by itself. My well-endowed (in the tummy region) colleague mentioned that this burger tastes more delicious the more you consume it.

What about my verdict?


3.5/5 Stars.

The thing is, this isn’t something that I would hurry to try again or eat on the regular. Rather, it’s another one of those items that you just got to try once. Perhaps it’s the lack of cheese, or perhaps the chicken was dry, or perhaps the taste was just not enough. I mean sure, there’s no doubt that it tastes good, but it’s just lacking something that makes me want more.

And in this instance, at least for me, once was enough.


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