Man Confronted Food Stall for Selling Rice + Bean Sprouts + Curry Sauce for $3.50


After finding out that his domestic helper had spent $3.50 on a pack of rice with bean sprouts and curry sauce, a man in Singapore took to social media on Monday (5 December) to complain about the seemingly exorbitant price of the dish.

In particular, he revealed that she had bought the dish at an Indian Stall near Sixth Avenue, an area in Bukit Timah.

He then went down to the stall himself to question the stallholder about why the meal was so expensive, but the stallholder apparently replied by saying that everything is expensive nowadays.

However, there’s more to this incident than what meets the eye.

Stall Employee’s Response

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the stall employee who served the domestic helper when she bought the meal recalled that she had come to the stall at around 1 pm on Sunday (4 December) to purchase her food.

The employee, who went by Damir (translated from Chinese), pointed out that their stall primarily sells set meals as very few customers purchase individual items.

Apart from that, he added that the food prices at the stall are also generally higher.

He shared that the helper had told him that she wanted a vegetable set meal, which cost $4.

However, she said that she could not finish the entire set meal, so she just ordered rice, bean sprouts and curry sauce.

According to the stall’s menu, the typical vegetable set meal sold includes rice, two types of vegetables, curry sauce and appalam.

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Helper Agreed to Pricing After Employee Explained it to Her

Damir then revealed that he actually did explain the pricing to the helper when she told him his order.

He had told her that ordering individual items (like she had done) would mean that her meal would cost more than a set meal, but he would give her a 50-cent discount.

According to Damir, the rice and bean sprouts cost her $1.50 each, while the curry sauce cost her 50 cents.

After listening to Damir’s explanation, the domestic helper agreed to the pricing.

However, her employer still came down to the stall to question the price of the meal, prompting Damir to explain it to him again.

After hearing the explanation, he left without saying much. He then posted about it on Facebook, much to Damir’s surprise.


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