Sylvia Chan Finally Spoke About Her Management Style That Indirectly ‘Attacked’ Ryan’s Style

If there’s one influencer saga that took over the internet last year, it’s definitely the Night Owls Cinematic (NOC) saga.

Based on our data, it was one of the top three sagas in 2021:

But now that it’s been a a year since the saga died down, the respective parties have started their new careers and lives.

In particular, co-founder Sylvia Chan, 34, is on her way to her new career path.

A month ago, she announced that she would join Gushcloud International as the regional head of content and intellectual properties (IP) in Asia.

FYI, Gushcloud’s a global creator and entertainment company in Singapore. Not a weird science company that studies clouds.

More recently, she openly disclosed that she is currently recruiting employees for Gushcloud and her new company, Savour365.

Savour365, Chan’s newest business venture, is a social media platform that helps spread real-life stories of people’s mental and physical wellness experiences.

And yes, this is after she was accused of bullying her employees during the NOC saga.

The announcement of her finding new employees was made informally during an “Ask Me Anything” session that she held on her Instagram stories on Monday (5 December) because she was in a “good mood”.

But before that, she spoke a little about her experience of continuing to have a social media presence after the NOC saga.

Image: Instagram (@sylsyl.chan)

During the session, one follower asked how she “still [could] be [her]” after the saga and praised her for her bravery in continuing to persevere in posting content.

“When the world gives you lemons, we make lemonade. When the world feeds you poison, turn it into medicine,” she replied, along with a few sassy emojis.

In addition to that, she also expressed her gratitude for her followers and shared that she will be launching a podcast in 2023. In the podcast, she will discuss her “lessons and learnings”.

Still Not a “Nice Boss” in Her Own Words

However, regarding her attitude towards her staff, she still admitted that she is not the “nice boss” that others might be looking for.

This was disclosed when she replied to another netizen’s question of whether or not she has “changed for the better” after the saga.

Image: Instagram (@sylsylchan)

She responded, “What does “better” look like?”

She then proceeded to say that she will never be a “nice boss” who has an informal relationship with her employees and will not “[hang] out for drinks after work” with them, amongst other things.

Wait… Sounds familiar?

We won’t name names, but there’s probably one in your head right now (that’s also related to NOC).

If you’re looking to join a company like that or one that says that the entire company is “one big family”, you might want to watch this video before making your decision.

On the other hand, Chan believes that she is the type of boss that will “[send] you articles to read, books to discuss, workshops and events to attend together”.

She then mentioned that individuals interested in working with her should be “driven, self-initiated and love learning”.

“Otherwise, you will hate it here,” she concluded.

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Chan was first involved in the NOC saga after chats, recordings and other forms of evidence that revealed her abusive language and mistreatment of her employees were leaked.

After several other events, she eventually released two different apologies for her toxic actions.

She also admitted that she might have been perceived as “unkind and rude”.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@sylsyl.chan)