Rider Allegedly Curses at Private-Hire Driver Despite Making Him Wait Half-Hour For Payment

If you are a private-hire driver, the chances are that you’ve encountered a poor experience with some rude passengers.

However, one particular private-hire driver had a particularly bad encounter with a passenger who not only made him wait 30 minutes to get paid but also cursed him out.

Here is what happened to the driver.

Passenger Waited 30 Minutes to Pay the Driver

According to the private-hire driver who made a web contribution to Stomp, he had picked up a female passenger from Little India to send her to Punggol earlier this week.

The driver, known as Mr Wong, said that the cost of the trip was $33.60.

However, the payment was not forthcoming from the woman. When she reached her destination, the woman said that she “had no cash” and that her “phone battery was low”.

The passenger requested to go to her house and “charge the phone before paying the fare through PayNow”.

The driver agreed but, after half an hour of waiting and seeing no payment, told the woman that he would “make a police report” if she did not pay.

This “threat” spurred the woman to act as she transferred the ride fare to the driver.

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Passenger Also Cursed Out the Driver

However, that was not the end of the story. The woman also used several expletives against the driver.

These can be seen in some censored screenshots which were shared with Stomp.

Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

In response, Mr Wong expressed his regrets that “such a high-end person with education” displayed such unbecoming behaviour. He did not elaborate on how he knew that she was well-educated or came from a good background.

It is indeed sad that private-hire drivers have to suffer such abuse from passengers. The situation is made worse when they don’t make a lot of money from their hard work.

According to Mr Wong, he, as a driver, has faced “so many problems with the app provider for the ride and the rental is so high” that he “hardly [earns] a living”.

This particular incident also sounds like one of the worst incidents that Mr Wong had ever faced. While he had encountered other unreasonable passengers, some of whom tried to evade paying fares, it seems that being cussed out by an unruly passenger was a first for Mr Wong. He had been driving since he “retired from the army”.

Do you think that there should be more measures in place to protect private-hire drivers from abuse?