Girl STOMPed Her Ex-BF, Who Had Broken Up With Her & Even Hit On Her Best Friend


My mum used to tell me that I should always, always beware of humans with glib tongues.

“They’re scammers, I tell you,” she would rant. “All these love scammers exist only to get inside your pants, so you have to be careful, my child!”

“But Mum, I’m a boy.”

“Doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl; sweet talkers are in all shapes and sizes. So promise me you’ll watch out alright? Don’t be like me…”

She trailed off, though she was still mouthing silent words like “My dad” and “Useless”.

And so, with that extra baggage in mind, I soon set out on my own Humanmon adventure where I discovered all about adulthood…

And realised that I’ve somehow become just like my dad.


“So that’s how I got my girlfriend,” I chuckled as I turned on my laptop. “I always thought she was attracted to my impeccable collarbones and not-so-gnarly forearm veins… wait what’s this?”

I stared at the topic headline, and proceeded to peruse the attached screenshots with ill-concealed choler.

“This guy…” I mumbled.

“Is giving sweet talkers all around the world a really bad name, dammit.”


Girl STOMPed Her Ex-BF, Who Had Broken Up With Her & Even Hit On Her Best Friend

Fed up with the Coronavirus and keen on some bad relationship gossip?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

According to Stompa guy essentially committed the relationship equivalent of perjury when he somehow carried out the following acts all in the span of one single day:

  • Spoke about a future with his girlfriend
  • Expressing his desire to be together forever
  • Hits on his girlfriend’s best friend later on
  • Professes that he doesn’t understand what his girlfriend’s thinking
  • Tells his girlfriend that they should remain friends after all
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Well, it certainly sounds like enforced villainy in that one hit Korean drama Fast Cheating On You.

The incident was eventually brought to light by Stomper Clare, who also happens to be the ex-girlfriend in question.

The relationship reportedly commenced on 1 March this year. It ended, however, less than two months later on 21 April.

The pair’s no longer on talking terms.

She said: “We didn’t have any problems in the relationship. We dated for two months and I knew he had his own share of issues, so I never pushed him to do anything he didn’t want.

“Up until around midnight on April 21, he was still talking about being together forever and telling me how he thinks we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.”

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Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp

But Then It All Took A Turn For The Worse

It might’ve sounded like an extra sweet version of Crash Landing On You, but reality’s that it’s more of a Fast Cheating On You than anything else. Just hours later, the guy, known only as JQ, wasted no more time and sprang into action.


“However, he texted one of my best friends at around 5am that same day about wanting to get together with her,” Clare said.

“He went behind my back and told her how he didn’t understand me and couldn’t see a future together, and asked if she wanted to date him.”

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Thankfully, however, Clare has some really good friends. And JQ soon saw his grandiose plans crash landing on himself.

“Luckily, my bestie wasn’t that kind of girl,” Clare continued.

“At around 2pm on the same day, he suddenly said that we should just stay friends.

“When I asked why, he simply said that we had ‘family issues and some stuff that he couldn’t explain’. He also said that he didn’t want to burden me.”


At that point in time, the Stomper was still worried about her ex-boyfriend.

“At first, I was really worried that something had happened to him and his family.

“My family was really upset when we got together and they strongly opposed it, but he was the one who told me that we could work things out together and show them how serious we were.

“On the other hand, he never told his family about our relationship and said that he wasn’t allowed to date.

“I later found out that he had blocked me on all social media platforms and on WhatsApp too.


“I saw a new account requesting to follow me on Instagram and looking at the bio, I knew it was him. I thought that his family had found out about us and he had to show them that we broke up. But when I texted the account asking if he was JQ, the person denied it, claiming to not know me and blocked me afterwards.”

But the truth soon came to light. And what better than a group video call to unearth the toxicity that two-timers inculcate?

“The day he broke up with me, I told my group of friends about it and we video-called later that night. After playing some games, they seemed like they wanted to tell me something that they had found out about him.

“That’s when they showed me the conversation between JQ and my friend.

“I felt betrayed by him. The entire time we spent together, everything that he told me turned out to be a lie. But if he was just playing around, why did he have to make me think that we have a future together?

“I never expected that this is how it would end.”

Well, relationships certainly aren’t as pretty as Korean dramas and fairy tales paint them to be. If anything else, I would say that Clare dodged a real bullet there;

If he tried to cheat on her just one month into their relationship, imagine their marriage phase.


That, my folks, is a dysfunctional family set-up you don’t want to be in.

Netizens Air Their Opinions

After the whole ‘affair’ was disclosed to the public, Netizens turned up to voice their opinions on the matter. And as one might’ve surmised, replies generally hit close to the mark.

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Though somehow, the Army system actually came into play.

Image: Stomp

Well, you know what they say. You wanna try to cheat the system?

Don’t get caught.

But of course, I’m not advocating for you to play the system here. Just imagine how your partner would feel. So just stay away from temptations, and if they force their way to your doorstep…

Close the door on them.

Nevertheless, one question still remains: did someone just Stomp her ex-boyfriend?

So that means if you’re friendzoned, you can also Stomp the girl?

Just don’t make a police report when someone friendzone you, like this guy here:

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