GrabFood Rider at Bukit Panjang Allegedly Punched Customer After Dispute Over Wrong Order


What would you do if you realised you mixed up two customers’ orders?

In this case, a GrabFood rider ended up punching a customer, after they couldn’t agree on how to resolve this issue.

Delivered Wrong Order

According to Shin Min Daily News, this incident happened on the afternoon of 7 May.

The GrabFood rider delivered an order at a HDB flat along Jelebu Road in Bukit Panjang.

However, according to the customer Mr Tan, the wrong order was delivered. It seemed like the rider had mixed his order up with another customer’s order.

The other affected customer called the rider to inform him of the mix-up, but according to Mr Tan, the rider hung up and didn’t apologise.

The rider then told Mr Tan that his order was sent wrongly, and asked for 15 minutes to switch the orders so everyone got the right one.

However, Mr Tan didn’t want to switch the orders due to hygiene concerns. Instead, he asked the rider to cancel his order, so that Mr Tan can just re-order from the store.

Refused To Cancel, Punched Customer When Confronted

The rider refused to cancel the order and told Mr Tan to do the cancellation himself.

But since his order had been picked up, Mr Tan was unable to cancel the order from the GrabFood application.

After explaining that to him, the rider still insisted that Mr Tan cancel it himself before walking away. This prompted Mr Tan to open his door to persuade the rider to cancel the order, as it was the rider’s mistake.


The rider responded to this by punching Mr Tan’s face and collarbones, and only left after Mr Tan returned to his flat. Thankfully, Mr Tan had captured this entire incident on his phone.

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Filed Report with Police and Grab 

Mr Tan has since filed reports with the police and Grab, but emphasized that he wasn’t looking for an apology.

Instead, he just wants to understand why the rider was so angry. If it turns out to be overwhelming stress at work, Mr Tan hopes that Grab will do more for their employees’ wellbeing.

In response, Grab stated that they’ve suspended the rider as they do not condone such behaviour.

Investigations are ongoing.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News