Man Reportedly Fined RM500 for Driving a Car Through a Lane for Buses at JB Checkpoint

A Singaporean man was fined RM500, and is now trying to appeal to the Singapore embassy in Johor Bahru.

Here’s what happened.

Accidentally Entered Bus Lane

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man and his friends drove into Johor Bahru at 11pm on 2 June for supper and a car wash.

At about 2am, the group started driving back to the JB checkpoint. As it was late and the lights were dim, he didn’t notice the markings on the road that signalled a bus lane.

He said that there were no other signs there and thought it was just an empty driveway, but it turned out that he accidentally entered the bus lane.

After that, two checkpoint officers came to tell him that he entered the wrong lane. They told him to park the car at the side, and their passports were temporarily kept by the officers.

Fined RM500

While waiting for further instructions, the man said that he saw another Malaysian-registered vehicle enter the bus lane accidentally too. After that, the checkpoint officers started to direct traffic at the entrance of the bus lane.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, two traffic policemen came and guided the man to drive his car to another remote corner.

One of the policemen then allegedly told him in English that if he wanted to resolve the issue, he’ll have to pay a RM500 fine.

However, it seemed like the policeman said that his English wasn’t good afterwards, and was unable to properly explain the situation to the man. The policeman then gave him a ticket, and verbally said that the fine was RM500.

According to the ticket the man received, it said that the man drove in the bus lane and failed to obey traffic signs and regulations. However, the ticket didn’t specify the amount of money he had to pay.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

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Called Consulate-General of Singapore in JB to Appeal

After getting the ticket, the man called the Singapore Consulate-General in JB to ask if there is any way to appeal. He is currently waiting for the Consulate’s instructions.

The man hopes that by sharing his story, it can remind travellers to pay more attention and not accidentally drive into the wrong lane… unless you want to find a quick way to spend RM500.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News