Rui En Got into The News Again, This Time for Allegedly Slamming Neighbour’s Phone


It seems like the Star Awards season hasn’t always been nice to Rui En.

Just last year, around this period, Rui En’s “Do you know who I am” became such an Internet sensation and everyone, including the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs in coffeeshops, spoke about it.

Fast forward one year later, and now, Rui En seamlessly slid to several media’s headlines, this time for her alleged self-entitled attitude towards her neighbour.

Before anything, let’s be clear: this is a one-sided story, so just take it with a pinch of salt (although the underlying lesson to be learnt is quite serious).

Here’s what happened: according to Wanbao, on 20 April 2017 (that’s like a few days after Star Awards, whereby she didn’t win anything), Rui En allegedly went up to her neighbour in Clementi (we all know where she lives, don’t we?).

Apparently, she had forgotten her keys and was going back home.

Her neighbours are an elderly couple, and the wife was cooking when the husband opened the door. Rui En allegedly instructed this: “你的Power Bank借我,我的手机没电了 [Lend me your powerbank. My handphone has no more batt].”


The husband told Rui En that he had no handphone and powerbank, so he offered Rui En his house phone to make whatever call she wanted.

Rui En then proceeded to make two to three calls, and they all did not seem to go through. Presumably frustrated, she slammed the phone twice.

During this time, the husband pulled a small chair for her but she did not sit.

Finally, Rui En managed to get through to her helper. She then asked her helper where she was, and said that she would be waiting for her to open the door.

Rui En then allegedly told (read: instruct) the wife to take something, and left.

The neighbour decided to email Wanbao about this incident. He believed that he had taken in Rui En out of goodwill and wasn’t expecting this kind of cold treatment, and had not expected a public figure like her to vent her emotions like that.

After this was revealed, Rui En personally brought a gift basket to her neighbour and apologized, The neghbours accepted her apology but declined the gift.

Rui En’s manager has since sent a statement to Wanbao, mentioning that this was a private dispute between neighbours and that both parties have since settled the dispute peacefully. He / she also thanked everyone for the concern (???).

Before anything, here’s something that you might have forgotten: it’s normal for one to get frustrated when you’re locked out of your house. It’s even more frustrating when no one picks up your call when you need help the most. For all you know, she might be in a rush.

In other words, venting your anger isn’t exactly controllable. We all know that, because we’re all humans.

But to instruct instead of request help; it doesn’t seem normal #justsaying

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