Russia’s Top Diplomat Threatens Nuclear Attack if Country is Provoked by NATO

The greatest woe to humanity is probably the very existence of nuclear powers.

We’ve seen the extent of damage dealt unto Hiroshima and Nagasaki when America decided to actualise and launch the Manhattan Project in 1945.

Having witnessed the catastrophic effects that last for generations, the world is understandably wary of nuclear powers—we’ve seen the United States and the Soviet Union cautiously sidestep the possibility of resorting to nuclear weapons in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962; we know about the efforts US made to stop the likes of Iran and North Korea from ever getting their hands on the same weapons; even now we’re extremely circumspect about the distribution and sales of components that can make such weapons.

That is one button that no one wants to push.

It’s the same reason why the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have stayed decisively silent in the face of the Ukrainian crisis, only intervening through the European Union by granting military financial assistance, with the United States taking similar steps.

No one wants to corner the slumbering bear in Russia.

Russia Will Use Nuclear Weapons if Provoked by NATO

Sky News was given the opportunity to interview Dmitry Polyanskiy, the deputy ambassador of Russia to the United Nations (UN), and she asked if President Vladimir Putin would push the nuclear button if the country is facing an “existential” threat.

Without even hesitating, Polyanskiy shrugs and says, “If Russia is provoked by NATO, if Russia is attacked by NATO, why not, we are a nuclear power.

“I don’t think it’s the right thing to be saying. But it’s not the right thing to threaten Russia, and to try to interfere. So when you’re dealing with a nuclear power, of course, you have to calculate all the possible outcomes of your behaviour.”

Which means the possibility isn’t an absolute zero.

That’s a dangerous narrative to be riding on, Mr Polyanskiy.

NATO’s Response to the Threat of Nuclear Attacks

When NATO’s Secretary-General Jen Stoltenberg was asked about how NATO would defend itself against a nuclear attack, Stoltenberg declared that Russia should stop toying with the possibility of launching a nuclear attack because it was “dangerous” and “irresponsible”.

“A nuclear war cannot be won and should be fought,” Stoltenberg expounds, because escalating to usage of nuclear weapons will only ensure mutually assured destruction.

Therefore, in Stoltenberg’s mind, it’s imperative to end the war in Ukraine as quickly as possible to guarantee that neither side ever goes to such lengths.

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Kremlin Government Denies Committing Any War Crimes

Besides the topic of resorting to nuclear weapons, the correspondent of Sky News asked Polyanskiy if he thinks Russia is committing war crimes in Ukraine, to which he was quick to deny such statements.

He adds, “Of course, it’s not up to me to assess. I’m not there. You’re not there. You’re looking at many videos which are considered to be fake news. You believe one thing, I believe another thing.”

Between sips of tea, he continues to assert that the verdict of whether war crimes can only be reached after the war ends, and that their military has never been a threat to the civilian population of Ukraine.

His calm demeanour seems to imply that he believes that Russia will get their way with Ukraine regardless of the opposition, and when the war does end, the final story will be dictated by victors.

Even when Polyanskiy was shown images of the destruction in Ukraine that were taken by independent Associate Press reporters, especially in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, he refused to acknowledge that the Russian forces had committed such heinous acts.

Image: (Sky News)

He immediately fires back at the reporter with the question “how do you know its Russian missiles” before pushing the blame to the Ukrainian government, stating that it could have easily been them since they possess missiles as well.

The reporter refutes his statement, calling the idea of the Ukrainian government bombing their own apartments and infrastructure “preposterous”, but Polyanskiy showed that he was indifferent to her opinion.

In the end, it will be up to the International Criminal Court to decide if Russia is guilty of war crimes in Ukraine, but it will be a whole different matter as to whether Russia will choose to own up, or even show up for the trial.

Presently, Russian diplomats appear incredibly firm that their stance is still correct, while making ludicrous claims that everything that doesn’t frame Russia in a positive light is fake news.

Just so you know, Russia and Ukraine have been having peace talks. Here’s a summary of all their talks so far:

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Featured Image: YouTube (Sky News)