Monkey Caught on Camera Combing Man’s Hair for Food

While Singapore has always been seen as a well-developed city, we sure live up to our name of being a garden city well.

In particular, if you’ve been to a park or nature reserve (or… NTU hall) before, you’ve probably seen monkeys around at some point.

Or maybe your younger brother at home is a pretty close substitute for that lah.

And if you’re like me, you’ve probably run away from a monkey or two in your lifetime before, all while fearing that they’ll snatch your unopened bag of potato chips away.

This guy surely hasn’t though.

@yappayappayappayappayapWhat a cutie♬ original sound – Ris

Ah, the perfect epitome of Man meets Nature, and what a lovely reminder that we can still coexist peacefully despite our clashes.

Two days ago (22 March), TikTok user @yappayappayappayappayap posted this amusing clip of a monkey interacting with a young man, even combing his hair and giving him a scalp massage in the process.

In the video, the monkey, which is a macaque, first sat down on the man’s shoulder to eat some food that it had in its hand.

Although the man did not shoo the monkey away, he said jokingly, “Stop it, I’m not your brother” after a woman taking the video said, “Babe, it’s gonna pee on you”.

However, after a while, something else caught the attention of the monkey more than the food in its hand.

The monkey started running its hands through the man’s hair and even started to massage his scalp, much to everyone’s amusement and delight.

The Turning Point

However, the man soon realised that something bad was going to happen very soon if he did not get the monkey off him.

When the woman behind the camera asked him what was on his shirt, he responded with “I hope it’s not shit”.

The woman’s reply?

“I cannot guarantee that.”

Even looking at those words being typed out sends me into a flurry of panic.

Attempts to Get the Monkey Off

Of course, the man started to try and get the monkey to get off him.

The monkey then started to retaliate by trying to steal his mask, reaching out repeatedly to try and rip it off the man’s face.

After seeing that, the woman then expressed her concern and mentioned, “Babe, I think it is going to be violent” while the man was still trying to get the monkey off his shoulder.

He finally managed to break free of the monkey by pushing it off his back quickly and placing it on the park bench, despite the fact that the monkey was still trying to hang onto his arm.

He then walked away promptly, and that’s where the video ends.

Thankfully, the only thing that the man left with was a bunch of monkey paw prints on his white T-shirt.

Ok lah, at least it’s not… you know.

Netizens’ Response

In the comments section of the video which has since garnered over 41,500 likes and over 381,000 views, most commenters were rather entertained by the peculiar yet funny sight that they were presented with on their devices.

Many also found the sight heartwarming and cute, while others praised the man for being so calm.

One commenter even asked the guy to rate how good the monkey’s massage was, to which he replied, “3/10 hands too soft”.

Some others joked with the man, asking if he had paid the monkey for his services and likened the man to a Disney princess.

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However, others also pointed out that monkeys are wild animals, which meant that we humans should probably avoid being in such close contact with them should we be faced with a similar situation.

In the comments section, the original poster also asked Singaporeans to refrain from going to the parks just to try and find that specific monkey.

“It approached us by itself and we wouldn’t want NParks to take this cutie away,” the account commented.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@yappayappayappayappayap)