NOC’s Ryan Was Doing CWO With Dee Kosh & Spoke Up About Dee Kosh’s Scandal


On Sunday (13 Dec), a photo of a man serving a Corrective Work Order (CWO) at a field outside the Jurong East Library made the rounds on social media.

Normally, a man sweeping outdoors wouldn’t make headlines, unless it was a politician.

But the man looked like a certain YouTuber who was embroiled in a scandal earlier this year.

Image: Instagram (Wake Up, Singapore)

Yes, it looks a little like Dee Kosh, the man whose face we’ve not seen for several months.

Though netizens couldn’t be sure, some were positive it was the former radio DJ as he was wearing a pair of Jordans during his CWO, not something many of us would wear while sweeping in a field.

He also, you know, looked like Dee Kosh.

Well, now we have confirmation that it was indeed Dee Kosh, and it turns out he wasn’t the only popular YouTuber serving a CWO.

Image: Hardware Zone

NOC’s Ryan Was Doing CWO With Dee Kosh & Spoke Up About Dee Kosh’s Scandal

In a series of Instagram stories, YouTuber and co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics Ryan Tan confirmed he and Dee Kosh were indeed the two men pictured clearing up the streets of Singapore.

He also spoke about Dee Kosh’s scandal, which we’ll get into later.

According to Ryan, the pair of them got caught littering in December last year.

Image: Instagram (ryanxgo)

He said he made no attempt to hide this, and even incorporated it into one of their videos on their YouTube channel, Ryan Sylvia.

Image: Instagram (ryanxgo)

The YouTuber said the pair learned a “really valuable lesson” and never littered again after that.

He then addressed the elephant in the room; the sexual harassment allegations against Dee Kosh.

Bond With Dee Kosh is “Unbreakable”

Earlier this year, several netizens on social media claimed that Dee Kosh, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, had asked them for nude pictures and sexual favours in the past.

Dee Kosh initially denied the allegations, but later admitted that there was some “truth” to them.

Since then, at least six police reports have been lodged against the popular YouTuber, and some brands have distanced themselves from him.


Ryan, however, said he’ll stick with Dee Kosh until the end, even if was guilty of the allegations levelled against him.

“Whether he made a mistake or not, it’s not for me to say – and if he did, then I’m gonna be here with him till the end, to have his back and be with him when no one would.”

“When I call someone a friend, I don’t take it lightly,” he added.

Image: Instagram (ryanxgo)

He also said that his bond with Dee Kosh is “unbreakable”.

“We are still friends because I’m not gonna abandon my friends the moment sh*t hits the fan.”


Featured Image: Instagram (ryanxgo)