Bedok Hair Salon Launches “Buy Durians Get Haircut Free” Promotion


Durians are a controversial fruit.

Those who like durians are durian fanatics, while those who dislike durians despise them.

Nonetheless, they are a significant part of Singaporean life. There’s even a movie by Jack Neo about the king of fruits.

Would you buy a durian for a free haircut?

This Bedok hair salon has launched a promotion where you can buy durians and get a free haircut.

“Buy Durians Get Haircut Free” Promotion

Recently, the owner of One Salon hair salon opened a fruit stand.

The owner, 49-year-old Qin Zhilong, has launched a promotion to attract new customers.

In short, you can get a free haircut when you buy durians from his fruit stand.

The salon, located at Block 211A, Bedok Center, recently hung a banner that reads “Buy Fruit, Free Haircut” outside the store.

Customers can get a free haircut when they buy $20 worth of durians.

The haircut is usually $10, so that sounds like a steal.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the open area outside the hair salon was filled with durians on 31 May.

In response to this promotion, nearby durian vendors told Shin Min Daily News that they weren’t scared of competition.

They said, “They buy durians and get haircuts. We buy durians and get durians.”

The Reason for the Promotion is Unexpected

So, what brought on this odd combination?

Mr Qin told Shin Min Daily News that the purpose of this promotion isn’t entirely for marketing purposes.


He launched this promotion to reduce the living expenses of others.

He explained, “Inflation is serious right now. As I have opened a hair salon and now sell durians, combining both can allow the public to enjoy eating durians and have a free haircut simultaneously.”

He revealed that up to 100 vouchers will be issued daily and that customers can wait to use them.

There is no deadline as to when they can redeem their free haircut.

Technically, you could return in 50 years, and the voucher would still be valid.


A Shin Min Daily News reporter observed that while the promotion was attractive, it seemed as if the other two durian stalls nearby were more crowded.

Notably, these two durian stalls have been around for quite some time.

What People Think

Interviewees told Shin Min Daily News that while the promotion is interesting, they are more concerned about the taste of the durian.

70-year-old retiree Mr Xiong said he would continue patronising his usual durian stalls.

He said, “If you buy durian, the most important thing is whether it tastes good, not what you can get for free.”

On the other hand, 45-year-old Mr Liang has gotten two durians from the hair salon.


He told Shin Min Daily News that he wanted to wait for his hair to grow before redeeming his free haircut.