Salted Egg Instant Noodles Have Landed on Planet Earth & Maybe in S’pore Soon


There might be a multitude of instant noodle flavours in the market right now, but nothing quite hits home like the old boy…


Pretty much the heavens’ gift to mankind, Indomee is everything you want in life and nothing you don’t want in… life. Who needs girlfriends when you’ve Indomee, right? (Or that’s what I would’ve said before meeting prettygirl99, who’s like the humanoid version of Indomee. But moving onnn)

While it seems that Indomee couldn’t possibly get any more perfect, reality’s quite a fickle-minded being, seeing how I believe it just did. Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you…

Salted egg Indomee.

Yes, my lovely folks…

Foodgasms just got real.


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Introducing the all-time favourite

Currently only available in Indonesia, this feisty product consists of three core ingredients:

Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Image: Airfrov Facebook

Curious about the everything nice?

Check this out.

Image: Airfrov Facebook

Just look at that. Have you ever seen something like that? That, my friends…

Is perfection.

Though technically we haven’t actually tried it (read on ‘coz we’ve something exciting coming up), c’mon; how can you ever go wrong with Indomee and Salted Egg?

There’s virtually zero possibility of it messing up with such a picture-perfect combination, like really.

And just check out these Instagrammer pics to really whet that appetite.

Image: dina_sung89
Image: bobyliecious Instagram

Hungry? Because we are hungry and angry.

Because as I mentioned earlier on… it’s only available in Indonesia.

Image: Tenor

But wait

For as a wise old man once put it: when in doubt, just Airfrov. That shit solves everything. And it seems that…

Brother Airfrov has got your back.

Image: Airfrov

Offering packets in bulk, an Airfrov host’s selling these exotic beauties at 10 pcs for SGD 15 and 20 pcs for SGD 30. But take note; like everything hyped they’re going fast, so you’re well-advised to jump on the bandwagon as fast as you can.

Incidentally, here are some Q n As to satiate your ever-growing thirst… for knowledge.

Image: Airfrov
Image: Mothership

And in elaboration, I’ve specifically asked Mr Wikipedia for guidance.

“Sodium is a chemical element with symbol Na (from Latin natrium) and atomic number 11. It is a soft, silvery-white, highly reactive metal.”

Although if I were to answer it in context, I would say that…

It should be pretty darn salty. People with hypertension, please eat at your own risk.


If not, no worries; we’ve done a video entirely about instant noodles, so you might want to watch it before going on an instant noodles marathon:

(Since you’re here, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more informative videos lah)

So what now?

Well for one, you can always get started on that online order. Because believe me when I say that it’s gonna sell like hot cakes. 

And for two, why not watch a “trailer” to really get your cravings all triggered?


After all, there’s nothing better than spending 11:59 of your precious time watching someone else down the food you can’t physically reach.

Image: Giphy

Also, two is better than one.

Hungry yet?

While I can’t be 100% certain, my colleague has said that he might be corresponding with Airfrov to see if we can have a giveaway on this delicious-est instant noodles. You can follow us on our Instagram here for more deets.

Well, even if my colleague failed, no worries: we’ve just memorized our boss’s credit card number. We’re so going to buy it and try it for you guys.

Just stay tuned.

(If there’s no review after this, our boss has most likely found our about our noble deeds and we’re squatting in Changi now)


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