Samsung Reportedly Also Going to Remove Charger from Phone from 2021

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People love the iPhone and Mac for their unbelievable screen resolution, the “cool factor” and tasteful designs.

But one thing that supporters are chaffing at is the fact that Apple is starting to go the McDonald’s way.

Instead of selling their phones in an entire package, they’re now selling it piece-meal.

For example, if you were to read about the latest iPhone 12 series, you’ll know that the phone doesn’t come with headphones or a charger adapter.

Well, as it turns out, Samsung might be going down the same route next year.

Samsung Reportedly Also Going to Remove Charger from Phone from 2021

According to a well-known tech website, The Verge, Samsung is not going to include chargers for some of its smartphones starting next year.

And here’s why they’re doing it: It’s better for the environment.

Which makes sense when you really think about it.

Better For The Environment

Here’s a quick example: Who is more likely to purchase the Samsung S20?

Chances are, the person is either a Samsung S10 user looking for an upgrade or someone who’s been using Android for quite some time.

And the reason why we said Android user is because, unlike iPhones, Samsung’s charging port (USB-C) is also used by other Android phones (Sony, HTC, Huawei, etc).

So if you’re purchasing a new Samsung phone, you’ll probably have a lot of USB-C chargers lying around the house.

Each charger is made out of a plastic casing, copper wires, metal and rubber. By cutting chargers out of the box, Samsung could help to reduce wastage significantly.

The original report about Samsung’s alleged decision revealed that the company decided to do it because “many people already have chargers lying around their homes”.

It was also added that this will help to reduce cost, presumedly for the manufacturer (and in turn, the customers).

Apple Phasing Out Old Chargers?

Here’s something completely unrelated to Samsung users but if you have friends who use iPhones, this could be useful for them.


According to Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple could be looking at removing the 5W and 18W chargers from service.

Rumours say that the tech company is working on a 20W fast-charging cable which will let you fill up your device in no time.

They are, of course, sold separately (what’s new?), unless you’re going to buy the new iPad devices, which might come together with the new cable.

As for why Apple is removing chargers and headphones from their iPhone 12 series, it’s said to save on cost and is better for the environment.

As for headphones, well, the AirPods aren’t going to sell themselves, will they?

You can read more about the iPhone 12 series here, as well as how much it’s sold for in Singapore.


Incidentally, did you know that the Samsung S20 comes without the earphone jack too?

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