Video Reveals Serious Collision Between an SBS Bus & Lorry; Lorry Driver is a P-Plate Driver Without a P-Plate

You can be the safest driver in the world, but all it takes is one misjudgment from another person and you’d still be hit.

This video clearly illustrates that.

Video Shows Serious Collision Between an SBS Bus & Lorry

Today, at about 3:30pm, a bus collided head on with a lorry at the junction of Braddell Road and Bishan Road.

Here’s where it is:

Braddell Road and Bishan Road
Image: Google Maps

The impact sent both the vehicles to the other side of the road.

You can view the video here:

According to the police, a 22-year-old male lorry passenger and a 46-year-old female bus passenger were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. They were both conscious.

And surprisingly, those were the only serious injuries, though the lorry driver had light injuries that didn’t warrant immediate medical attention.

Whose Fault is It?

While it’s clear that the lorry driver might have beaten the red lights here, do note that in some junctions, the traffic lights might be different on different directions.

It is therefore unknown whose fault it is at this current moment, though from the looks of it, it does appear that the lorry driver might have accidentally beaten the right lights, and here’s why.

Lorry Driver Just Got His Licence Three Months Ago

According to The Straits Times, the lorry driver is an Indian national who’s been in Singapore for 1.5 year. However, he just got his Singapore driving licence three months ago.

In other words, he’s in the probation period, so he needs to display his P-Plate.

But he might have converted his license, you argue.

Apparently, even if you have 100 years of driving experience in Mars or whatever place you used to live in, as long as you just convert your licence to a Singapore driving licence, you’ll still have to go through the one-year probation period.

And did you see any P-Plate on the lorry?

SBS Bus and Lorry Collide

And as a new driver, one might be more cautious, but one thing’s certain: he or she won’t be used to the roads. Even seasoned drivers would have difficulty on roads they’re not familiar with.

The Straits Times mentioned that the lorry driver has only been driving in Singapore for 20 days.

He works for Lim Kim Huat Building Construction, and during the time of the accident, he was driving to a nearby construction site.

The police are investigating the case.

But before you go off, here’s one lesson you might want to learn.


Car That Overshot Stop line a Collateral Damage

If you’ve taken your TP before, you’d know that stopping after the stop line is an immediate failure.

I’ve never understood why the traffic police had set such big penalty for something so minor, but now I know.

Remember this car?

SBS Bus and Lorry Collide on Car

The driver of the car, a 53-year-old lady, was just minding her own business when both the collided vehicles hit her.


SBS Bus and Lorry Collide Hit Car

If you replay the video, you’d notice that if she had stopped before the stop line, she might be able to avoid the crash after all.

Thankfully, the woman is okay but I think she’s going to stop behind every stop line from now on.

And so should we.

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