SBS Driver Earns Praises for Giving Mask to Passenger Who Forgot to Wear One

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Just as the sun rises and descends every day, we can always count on bus drivers to ferry us to our desired location.

Inexplicably, a few bus drivers have faced abuse in the last few months, for trivial reasons.

One driver was punched and another was spat at, all because, believe it or not, they told a commuter to wear their mask.

These drivers often have to work long, onerous hours, but some still manage to put on a smile when greeting customers.

And a few even go out of their way to help passengers in need.

SBS Driver Earns Praises for Giving Mask to Passenger Who Forgot to Wear One

A grateful netizen has taken to social media to praise a bus driver who made his day with a kind gesture on a bus ride to Hougang.

The man detailed the incident in a Facebook post on Saturday (21 Nov).

According to the post, the man, Steven, was about to board SBS bus 102 on Saturday morning.

He was intending to go to Hougang interchange.

However, just as he was about to board, the bus driver informed Steven that he wasn’t wearing a mask.

It’s at this point that Steven realised he had forgotten to put on a mask when he left his house.

So he stepped out of the bus, intending to rush home to get one, but the bus driver screamed at Steven to come back, even though he was quite far from the vehicle.

When he returned to the bus, the bus captain said she had some spare masks, and offered him one.

She even asked Steven if one was sufficient.

Touched by her gesture, Steven told her he wanted to dedicate a post to her online, and asked her for a picture, which she happily posed for.


Praised By SBS 

Some time later, the incident was shared by her company too.

SBS Transit identified her as Bus Captain Shi Yun, and commended her for looking out for her passengers.

“She made his Saturday morning wonderful with her kindness,” the post said.

72-year-old Bus Driver Praised For Sheltering Passengers at Bus Stop

There’s clearly no dearth of kind-hearted bus captains in Singapore.

In Oct, SBS shared the story of Senior Bus Captain Hoe Soo Hiong.


Like many other bus captains, Hoe is known for going the extra mile for her passengers.

Whenever it rains, the 72-year-old will quickly take out an umbrella to shelter commuters who are boarding or alighting from her bus.

And that’s exactly what she did on 7 Oct.

A netizen was waiting at a bus stop along Telok Blangah Heights on that day when she saw Hoe sheltering an old lady as she alighted bus 273.


Hoe then returned to the bus to shelter two more people as they got off the bus.

In a post on Facebook, SBS Transit said: “She will repeat this kind act at every single bus stop until the rain stops.”

These bus captains truly deserve our respect and admiration.

Featured Image: Facebook (Steven Ho)