Scammers Used Burned Flat to Fundraise Funds from Unsuspecting Neighbours


While e-commerce scams are the most common scam in Singapore nowadays, there may be frauds lurking in every corner on different platforms. You’ve got love scams, investment scams, uncle-walking-around-asking-for-S$4 scams and many more.

But what do all these have in common?

It’s simple—that the perpetrators all have a broken moral compass.

And how broken can it get exactly? You’re about to find out.

Used Burned Flat To Raise Funds; Took Off With Money

On 12 June, a devastating fire broke out at a HDB flat at North Bridge Road, resulting in the evacuation of over 100 residents.

Thankfully, it seems that the family of the burnt flat had managed to get a HDB replacement flat on the same night.

On 23 June, Member of Parliament (MP) Denise Phua took to Facebook to give an update on the incident. She recounted how the HDB block was bravely saved by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).


The aftermath was also cleaned and cleared up by the town council crew from Jalan Besar as the incident had occurred in her constituency.

However, terrible news was brought to light—some scammers had approached some neighbours to collect money supposedly for the family, but it never got to them.

Truly abhorrent.

Some netizens were taken aback by the awful actions, with one asking the question we’re all wondering: “How do these people live with themselves?”


Another netizen also hoped that a police report will be lodged to find these scammers.

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The Good News

Despite all this, Ms Phua moved on to more heartening news.

“The very good news is that so many genuinely good people did deliver real help,” she wrote.

According to her post, many individuals and organisations like the grassroots, family service centre, neighbours, local Hope church and family friends and relatives willingly donated household items to the family.

These included study tables, beds, mattresses, home appliances and even meals, vouchers and cash!

A school also very kindly gave laptop replacements, books, study aid and more.

“Family is somewhat settled for the time being. So good to see mom’s smile of relief,” said Ms Phua.

She thanked the community for extending a helping hand to this family in times of need, highlighting that this spirit is what Singapore is—”A people with big hearts.”


Fire Breaks Out In North Bridge Road Flat

The whole incident began with the fire that broke out on the seventh floor of a HDB flat on 12 June. According to MustShareNews, it seems that the preliminary cause of the fire was a washing machine that experienced a short circuit.

The SCDF was alerted to the blaze at Block 8 at 10.15 pm. The fire was extinguished using a water jet.

Five people were transported to the hospital and about 120 people from the sixth to tenth floors of the block were evacuated.

Of the five, 4 were taken to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) while 1 was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Those that suffered from smoke inhalation or serious burn injuries were also taken to the Burn Centre at SGH.

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